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[Esper] Sogiita Gunha

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[Esper] Sogiita Gunha Empty [Esper] Sogiita Gunha

Post  Sogiita Gunha Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:01 pm

削板 軍覇
Sogiita Gunha

Number 7 Level 5

[Esper] Sogiita Gunha XpqlVrU


FULL NAME: Sogiita Gunha
CURRENT AGE: Unknown (Approx. 15-17)
SCHOOL: Unknown

APPEARANCE: Gunha has the appearance of a youthful man. He possesses an athlethic physique, average Japanese complexion and black hair in a windswept hairdo. Gunha's most distinctive feature is his fashion: He is always seen with a white headband and a Rising Sun shirt. He wears a shirt or jacket (depending on the kind of uniform he's meant to wear) like a cape, fitting the image of a gang leader. For some reason, his makeshift cape never flies off, no matter how hard he fights.

HEIGHT: 168cm
WEIGHT:  57kg

"Guts" is his favorite word. While the dictionary states that Guts is slang for a strong will and indomnitable spirit, Gunha uses it as a noun on occaision and often uses it to describe things that the definition of "guts" should not even apply to. Nevertheless, he does indeed display the strong will and spirit that is the definition of guts. Naturally, he's also attracted to anything which fits his warped definition of "guts".
He seems to follow some form of code similar to chivalry: Always help those in need, never bully the weak, protect the bullied, chastise the wrong... Gunha almost never turns down something when he is asked. Of course, he deviates slightly from the code of chivalry, since he will not hesitate to chastise a lady in the wrong. Nevertheless, he still treats them slightly less roughly and with more respect.
Hot Headed
As a man of guts, Gunha will never back down from a challenge. He will always seek out those with "guts", and he solves his problems by going at them headfirst (or, in many cases, fist first). He's not always sure what he's charging at, but he's a man of action and his guts always carry him through.
Gunha has a somewhat childish and innocent quality to him; even when faced with horrors, he can confront them. He does not always understand what he is facing, but his innocence combined with his "guts" allows him to meet it head on. When explaining his powers, whatever explanation he gives is often shrugged off as a childish misperception. While he is, admittedly, lacking in education (although he doesn't care), he is not completely stupid (even if many believe him to be).
Gunha often takes things at his own pace. This, combined with him always helping those in need, results in a lot of class-skipping. Still, he doesn't mind it one bit. His abilities also help him a lot, making what would be dangerous situations for others quite harmless to him, allowing Gunha to continue taking things at his own pace. Of course, he does have a limit to his patience, but few have seen (or even want to see) it.

(since he describes things he likes as "guts", "gutsy" or "having guts", anything else that would technically fit this list would be written as guts)
The "gutless"
(which may as well be a slang term for bullies and other wrongdoers at this point)

  • Overcoming everything with guts!
  • Correcting those who lack guts!


  • Majority of intellectual activity, such as studying and memorizing.
  • Saying no. Gunha doesn't turn down a request until it goes against his moral code.
  • Imparting guts to those who lack it: Most take his words as a joke. Just how pessimistic is the Academy City?!?

HISTORY: Gunha was a boy born to a pair of normal parents in the Academy City (which is not unheard of, since the power curriculum program has only ran for 20 years). Unlike others, though, he was born with his powers. A crying baby with an amplified voice is nothing to take lightly. This has surprised doctors and nurses into dropping him several times on occasion, though he's never taken any real damage because of his powers.

People always say that the responsibility you have is always proportional to the amount of power you have (in any form, be it literal esper powers, political power or otherwise). While this is often true, that saying does not apply very well in the Academy City. The more powerful or potentially powerful you are, the greater the danger the environment poses to you. That danger was the people interested in his abilities. Within those people, the most dangerous were the Kiharas. No one knows (or is willing to say) how, but a research institute belonging to them had obtained him.

Yet, because his AIM Field constantly shifted, it was impossible to make use of him with methods that produced numbers. So, rather than a mathematical approach that was so common, they attempted to use psychological methods to alter his personal reality into something more straightforward in an attempt to reduce his AIM Field fluctuations. To do this, they exposed him to a wide range of media until something hit the mark: Super heroes. After determining what stimulates his brain activity most, they trained him into believing that he was a hero and that the world revolved around some form of drive that people derived power from (in Gunha's case, it was guts).

While they did not stop there, that was the extent of whatever that proved to have any effect. Even after narrowing down his fluctuations by molding his personality (and personal reality), they could only grasp little of how his ability worked; Unlike other Espers who ran their powers from mathematical calculation, Gunha the gemstone had his powers running on his emotion (guts). Even after that, even if one were to believe that his AIM Field constantly shifted between an array of different fields, not even one of those said fields were able to be of use. They were also unable to employ him for work in the Dark Side, since if they were to parallel him to a super hero, he would always find out who are the actual villains and cause the Dark Side more significant losses than gains.

With such limited success despite large resource consumptions, the Kiharas dropped Gunha out of frustration and labelled him as an unusable resource. They didn't exactly let him go free in all senses; they simply decided to stand aside and watch him develop himself. Determined to continue on the path of justice, glory and guts, Gunha pursued his (given) ideals to become the "rising star" that he is today. He also re-established contact with his parents, though he now lives apart from them after enrolling in a school.

UNKNOWN POWER: It's not known what Gunha's power actually is. Those who can see his AIM will notice that it twists and bends. Those who ask him directly will probably get a strange answer like "The power of Guts!", though he has explained a few of his powers as working through a warped form of telekinesis (though this is false). His ability displays an extremely wide range of applications, and those listed are as follows:
Attack Crash
The signature move of Sogiita Gunha. Gunha yells "Amazing Punch!" or some form thereof while throwing his fist, generating a varying level of outwards force. He believes that he creates an unstable wall of psychokinesis in front of him then destroys it with a stimulus provided by his own fist, sending a force outwards. Of course, that's completely wrong, but that's what he believes.
Gunha can create explosions, either spherical ones or smoky explosions of varying colors. The smoky explosions can fling people away (usually in a comical manner) while the spherical explosions are very strong.
Enhanced physiology
Gunha's speed, strength, reactions and durability are all far beyond that of the average human. He can move at twice the speed of sound and endure attacks that would be otherwise lethal while feeling less pain. A regular punch from him is enough to create gusts of wind to extinguish flames. A strong leap from him can create suffocating pressures.
Aurora Guard
Gunha is able to forcefully divert the flow of electricity with his hands. He believes that he picks up the earth's magnetic field with his hand and then diverts the flow of electricity with it. His explanation may be scientifically wrong, but it's effects are real.
Voice Amplification
Gunha is able to shout so loudly (usually in the form of a kiai) that it produces outwards force large enough to stop a fall. Naturally this requires a very loud shout, so those nearby may go deaf if they do not cover their ears.
Abnormal Recovery
Gunha believes that his "guts" can even mend his own wounds, reconnecting broken bones and halting all bleeding should he will it.
Pressure Wave
Slamming his hands onto the ground, he can create a powerful pressure that can split unknown substances and forces open and keep them outside. When this wall of force is struck, Gunha is also damaged with it. It appears he is either unable to target other people, or he can choose what to let inside.

PLAYER'S NAME: Sogiita Gunha

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Sogiita Gunha
Sogiita Gunha
The 7th Level 5

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[Esper] Sogiita Gunha Empty Re: [Esper] Sogiita Gunha

Post  Sogiita Gunha Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:05 pm


The scene of a school's cafeteria: Rows of benches filled with people. Between them, tables layered with trays of food. Sounds of eating, laughter and idle conversation filled the air. All was peaceful in this school, and so was he.

The boy with a headband and Rising Sun shirt was often late to class, and even now he could be considered late in reaching the cafeteria. Of course, he always had his reasons. This time, he had already procured his lunch, so there was no need for him to beat the long queue for food. All he needed was somewhere to sit, and he felt that today would be a good day to sit in the cafeteria of all places.

Searching around, he found himself a lonely table and sat at it. Then, he reached into the pocket of the shirt he wore in a cape-like fashion, producing a paper-wrapped package. Unravelling it, he muttered a quick "itadakimasu" to himself before taking a large bite.

It was one of his favorite foods: A sandwich of pig guts, roasted onions and peppers. (Yes, intestines would be the right word, but it was introduced to him as guts and now there's no way anyone can ever convince him to call it otherwise). He may not have the vocabulary to describe the delicious flavours and textures in his mouth, but any man, especially one as gutsy as he, knows how to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, good things do not last. Just as he was chewing the remainder of the sandwich he had so enthusiastically devoured, a loud crashing sound caught his attention.

Glancing in the direction of the noise, his eyes chanced upon the scene of a boy sprawled across the floor, contents of his food tray spilled. Surrounding him were others of similar ages, pointing at him and making mocking gestures. They were too far for Gunha to make out what they were saying, but he can always make out what was a scene of injustice.

And that was something he will never let go unpunished. Especially not in his school! Clenching the paper wrapping of his finished lunch, the young man swallowed his food and resolved to take action.

Rising up from his seat, his vocal chords let loose a powerful shout.


The power behind his voice was enough to let loose a small gust of wind, causing those in the cafeteria to brace themselves and turning all attention towards him. Slowly, he made his way towards the scene.

"Ganging up on a boy who is just trying to eat? What kind of guts do you guys have?"

Their eyes were on him. It was very clear just whose wrath they had incurred. After all, the boy was only one of 7 others in the whole city.


Trembling before the level 5, the bullies quickly scurried out the exit with what's left of their willpower. Satisfied, he turned to the boy, who was now gathering himself up.

"Are you okay?"

The reply he received was meek:

"Yes, this is a natural occurance, so forget about it."

It's always these kinds of people that get picked on by the wrongdoers.

"Don't worry! All you need is more guts! If you have the guts, you can even become as strong as me!"

"As strong as you? The level 5 Sogiita Gunha?"

Flexing his arm, the man known as Sogiita Gunha left him the following words of encouragement:

"Your level doesn't matter at all! Even a level 0 can defeat a level 5 if he has more guts!"

With his "wisdom" imparted and "duty" fulfilled, Gunha made his way back to the classroom in high spirits.
Sogiita Gunha
Sogiita Gunha
The 7th Level 5

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[Esper] Sogiita Gunha Empty Re: [Esper] Sogiita Gunha

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:57 pm

Now you have some guts to do this!

Sogiita Gunha attempt #3, here we come.

1. Height and weight.
Remove the “unknown” part and give us some numbers. I’m kind of strict about these points.

2. Strengths, Weaknesses.
I also think you should at least add something. I really believe that there’s at least a little more to him than just that.

3. History
Unknown histories usually can be problematic for the one working on a profile. But on this site we’d like our members to show some creativity once it gets down to this. Being able to somehow deal with this issue is something we wish to see. Especially in a Level 5’s case.
Additionally there still is the rule defining the history section’s minimum length.

Surprise me with what you’ll come up with and take your time if you need it.

That’s all for today.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

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[Esper] Sogiita Gunha Empty Re: [Esper] Sogiita Gunha

Post  Sogiita Gunha Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:40 am

Need edits? No problem! I'll just OVERCOME IT WITH GUTS!

Sogiita Gunha
Sogiita Gunha
The 7th Level 5

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[Esper] Sogiita Gunha Empty Re: [Esper] Sogiita Gunha

Post  Mugino Shizuri Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:56 am

First: What happened to his parents? Is he still in touch with them?

Then one tiny final question: Why do you think the Dark Side decided to let go of Gunha?

As someone that was with the Kihara institution he seems like one they would at least attempt to pull over to their side, in order to be used like other Level 5s (Mugino, Kakine).

I’d like you to explain that in your history; a sentence or two should be enough.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

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[Esper] Sogiita Gunha Empty Re: [Esper] Sogiita Gunha

Post  Sogiita Gunha Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:33 pm

Sogiita Gunha
Sogiita Gunha
The 7th Level 5

Posts : 60
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[Esper] Sogiita Gunha Empty Re: [Esper] Sogiita Gunha

Post  Mugino Shizuri Thu Feb 19, 2015 11:41 pm

Indeed, this profile can be called “well done”. I’m quite content with the way you handled my requests and looking at the results I need to admit that I didn’t expect the way the history turned out, which is very good, though.

Instead of wasting so much space for some praise I will simply skip ahead to the important part.


Now let’s hope for you to do a great job and spread the power of guts all over Academy City.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

Posts : 611
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[Esper] Sogiita Gunha Empty Re: [Esper] Sogiita Gunha

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