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[Magician] Milo Lorelei

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[Magician] Milo Lorelei Empty [Magician] Milo Lorelei

Post  Guest Fri Aug 17, 2012 7:50 pm

Everything in this character sheet that may pertain to personality (Quote, Traits, Likes, Dislikes, Strengths, Weaknesses, Theme) are about his default personality since he has Multiple Personality Disorder.



[Magician] Milo Lorelei 22451145-2

"Let me sing you a requiem, the last one you shall ever hear."

FULL NAME: Milo K. Lorelei
OTHER ALIAS: This is subject to change. N/A
OCCUPATION: Store clerk.
SCHOOL: A certain scientific high school.

APPEARANCE: As far as looks go, Milo is rather handsome and it gets him quite a bit of unwanted attention. Not only that but it certainly doesn't help that his natural eye color and his natural hair color is silver. Then there's the red ring at the edge of both of his irises. He wears green-colored contacts to hide his eyes and he often says that he dyes his hair to explain it's color. His attire is rather casual but he almost always has a thin, hooded sweatshirt with fur lining the hood of it. Then there's the odd, horned gas mask he tends to wear around his neck. He tries to avoid unnecessary attention but rarely does he actually succeed.
HEIGHT: 5'8".
WEIGHT: 130lbs.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Milo has a tattoo that wraps around his right wrist. However, the most interesting feature of his would have to be his eyes. They are silver, like his hair but they have red rings at the edge of his irises. He often wears green-colored contacts to hide his eyes. After all, they usually bring him unwanted attention.

PERSONALITY: This is subject to change.
Multiple Personality Disorder
This is a strange condition that he had developed sometime in his life, he wasn't born with it. However, he only changes when he is hit hard enough by something. He usually reverts back to normal after some time has past but, if not, all one needs to do is hit him again with the same amount of force that brought out that personality. If he isn't hit with the same amount of force then a different personality could surface and it could possibly be worse than the one before it.

DEFAULT PERSONALITY: This is subject to change.
He doesn't actually speak much and when he does it's usually in a rather soft voice that is often hard to hear. This is just how he is. He can raise his voice if he needs to but rarely does he ever feel the need to do so.
Somewhat Gullible
This isn't a trait that you would expect to see from a villain but Milo is a bit gullible. He can fall for some tricks but only if they are somewhat believable or at least said with believable emotion by the one trying to trick him. If one does manage to trick him then Milo usually figures it out rather fast so make use of the short window of opportunity before it's lost. Rarely can one person trick him twice.
Milo is a pretty calm person and very few things actually seem to faze that calm of his. His calm actually goes far enough to where some would call him 'cold'. However, this helps him to keep his mind clear in order to strategize when he needs to do so. This isn't to say that he can't lose his 'cool' every so often. There are people and situations that can make him temporarily lower his guard. The main person to make him do this would be Aleister Crowley.

LIKES: This is subject to change.
Watching the clouds roll by.
Standing in the rain.
Sweet things.
DISLIKES: This is subject to change.
Bright lights.
Loud noises.
STRENGTHS: This is subject to change.
WEAKNESSES: This is subject to change.
Physical strength.

HISTORY: Most of Milo's early years have been lost in time. One can't retain the memories of their entire life when you live as long as he has. However, he has retained bits and pieces of his past and struggles on a daily basis to keep himself from losing any more of it. He can remember the way his parents looked at him when he was a child. They always looked at him like he was some sort of demon and they often treated him as if he wasn't even their child. One can only imagine how badly that can mess with a young kid who still relied on his parents to keep him alive.

Things never did get any better for him as a child. Everyone he met always looked at him the same way. Was it because of his eyes? He never did understand it. What was so bad about his eyes? Was it the ring around his irises? Did something he was born with make him a bad person? It was thoughts like these that led him to develop different personalities to make up for his weaknesses, both physical and emotional. He left his parents at the age of ten, earlier than most would. However, he managed to fend for himself quite well.

A few years later he discovered that he had an affinity for magic and he was quick to learn how to use and control it. He met Aleister Crowley somewhere along the lines and become somewhat attached to the other. Milo didn't know why but he felt something within Aleister that was somehow similar to himself and he wished to know what it was. He never did find out the answer and before he knew it Aleister was gone. He had betrayed the magic side but what for? Why did he do it?

Milo searched for many years to find Aleister and he eventually found him. He was in a building with no windows, suspended upside down inside a tube. It was from that moment on that he vowed to somehow 'save' Aleister and convince him to return to the side of magic with him. Milo had also left the side of magic in order to search and retrieve Aleister and he wouldn't return unless he was returning with Aleister.

(MAGIC NAME): Requiem8118.
(ABILITY NAME): Minstrel's Requiem.
OTHER ABILITIES: This is subject to change. Milo possesses a pair of guns that he's a decent shot with. These are usually a last resort for him if his powers are rendered ineffective. However, he also has a personality or two that just can't use his power to begin with so those personalities rely on his guns.
Time Key
This is an artifact that was discovered by Milo. It's a small key that hangs from a chain around his neck. It grants the wearer prolonged life but the wearer must pay a price for such a gift. Not only that but, while Milo lives the artifact will not work for anyone else.
Pandora's Box
As the name suggests this artifact is a box. It's small, like a ring box, and easily concealed. This box allows him to steal the magic abilities of others but the person has to be dead in order for it to work. He requires a great deal of magical power for his mission to succeed.

CHARACTER THEME: This is subject to change.

"Bad Apple!!" - Cristina Vee

"E For Extinction" - Thousand Foot Krutch

"My Own Enemy" - Thousand Foot Krutch

PLAYER'S NAME: Masquerade.
RATING: Restricted.
OTHER CHARACTERS: None at the moment.

His prey ran from him as they always did but it was never any use. He always caught his target sooner or later. If not now then he would try again some other night. This chase, however, would be the last one because he was slowly wearing down his prey. All he had to do was wait as he slowly tracked his prey. This night's target was a young magician. It was always a magician. Espers just weren't of any use to him since they didn't use magic. What he required was magic but he needed to actually kill the magicians he hunted each night.

He could tell that his prey was panicking and running out of options. The Magician's magic just wasn't enough to deal with him so now he was running, trying to escape the predator that stalked him. Milo wasn't a person that you could normally interact with and think he was a killer but that's what he was. He hunted and killed his fellow magicians for a cause that he felt was justified. He needed the magic that this magician possessed. Then he would finally have enough magic to succeed in his mission. The only thing left would be finding the specific spell that would allow him to harness the magic he had gathered.

This hunt was over, he realized. His prey was exhausted and cornered, unable to run any more. He turned the corner into the alley that his prey had cornered himself in.

"Shall I sing you a requiem?" asked Milo.

He had this habit of singing. However, he usually only sang for the dead and the dying. Since he was hunting this magician he was counted as dying. So, Milo decided to ask. This was a bit cruel of him but he still did this anyway.

"Get away from me, you monster!" shouted the magician, fear in his eyes and in his voice.

No. It wasn't just fear. His prey was terrified. Petrified. Milo just calmly watched the man, wondering what the other would do. Even a cornered rat would bite a cat to get away. That's what the cornered magician did, in a sense. He charged at Milo and landed a rather solid hit to his face. This sent him flying backwards a bit but Milo managed to keep his footing.

Things became quiet, perhaps TOO quiet. There were no sounds, not even the sound of the wind. They always said that things got quiet before the storm. It was like this for a moment or two before a loud growl escaped Milo.

"Gah! That fucking hurt!" he shouted, looking at the magician with hatred in his eyes.

"I'll teach you to punch someone that's clearly superior to you, you little worm!" he growled, grabbing the magician by the throat and slamming him hard against the wall.

The magician struggled to breath, clawing at Milo's hands as they slowly crushed the man's windpipe. He smiled the kind of smile that only the insane would possess. It was a smile that would send chills through the very marrow of your bones. This chase was put to an end with a quick twist of Milo's hands and a sickening snap. He took his hands away from the throat of the now limp magician and allowed the body to slide down to the ground.

Milo reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box before holding it out to the dead magician and opening it. A multicolored stream of light was pulled from the body and, when the stream ended, the box was closed once more. This is when things became quiet again. A sound started a moment after. It was a soft, relaxing, calming sound. That sound soon turned into a gentle song as Milo sang his requiem for the dead magician.

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[Magician] Milo Lorelei Empty Re: [Magician] Milo Lorelei

Post  Guy Li Sat Aug 18, 2012 5:44 pm

I hereby exercise my power as moderator to approve this profile.


I'm certain that Aleister/Touko would agree with me on this one.

Congratulations and have fun. I'll see about moving the profile to the appropriate section.
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