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[Esper] Himegami Aisa

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[Esper] Himegami Aisa Empty [Esper] Himegami Aisa

Post  Himegami Aisa Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:43 pm

Himegami Aisa

Level 3 Deep Blood

[Esper] Himegami Aisa Himegami.Aisa.full.392361

"Lend me 100 yen because I'm beautiful."

FULL NAME: Himegami Aisa
GENDER: Female
SCHOOL: A Certain High School

APPEARANCE: She is a teenage girl with fairly attractive features, but she doesn't stand out at all in spite of it. This can be attributed in part to her usual sleepy bearing that doesn't leave much of impression upon the viewer due to its lack of energy, as well as her seemingly static expression. You have to look quite closely to notice its changes. With her long black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin, she looks especially suited to wearing a miko's hakama and haori.
HEIGHT: 160 cm.
WEIGHT:  48 kg.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: To her great displeasure, she has nothing of the sort...

Although she can't exactly be called stoical, she's not expressive either. Her changes in expression are subtle enough that if you don't pay close attention, you'll easily miss them, and the intonation of her voice doesn't usually change much.
Not to the type to stand out, she'd rather cheer from the sidelines than be the team's ace in a competition. She has a bit of a complex in this regard, however; she sees herself as not just modest, but wholly unremarkable. A girl without any distinguishing traits whatsoever.
She has a strong sense of responsibility. If she feels she owes someone something, then she'll work hard to repay it, and if someone entrusts her with something then she'll give it her all to live up to their expectations.
Sadly enough, her complex is completely warranted. She has a way of simply blending in the background and going unnoticed unless has someone has reason to take specific notice of her.
She says what she thinks without much regard for tact or courtesy. If she needs something, she'll ask for it, if she doesn't like something you're doing, she'll tell you, and if she notices something, she'll say it out loud.

Peaceful, ordinary days with friends.
Senseless violence.
Can remain calm in extraordinary situations.
Wielding the Head Crusher!
Rather lethargic in day to day life.
Blends into the background.

HISTORY: Himegami Aisa was born in a small village nestled in the mountains of Kyoto. It was your typical small town; everyone knew each other, people trusted each other enough to leave their homes unlocked at night, and there wasn't even a police station. Aisa and her family ran a small shrine in the village, where her father worked as the sole, and head priest, her mother as a miko, and her as a miko-in-training. Those peaceful days didn't last, however. Though she was blissfully unaware of it at the time, Aisa was a Gemstone who held the power known as Deep Blood, making her the natural and sole enemy of the immortal vampires. A small group of vampires who had lived in fear of her very existence came up with a plan to get rid of her: turn everyone in her home village into vampires in hopes that they could overrun Deep Blood with sheer numbers. However, in testament to Deep Blood's great potency, every single last vampire was killed without exception. Without regard Aisa's own will, her parents, her friends, the kind shop owners, her school teachers, her classmates, and everyone she had ever known bit into her neck, and turned to ash. Even the vampires who'd originally devised the plan had failed to escape.

At this time, the First Lancer division of the Anglican Church's thirteen knight divisions had arrived in response to an abnormal inflation of mana in the area. What they saw there was Aisa, standing in the eye of a maelstrom of ashes without a scratch on her. Upon seeing that sight, they immediately fled the area in fear of a power capable of slaying the immortal vampires, and reported the existence of Deep Blood to the Church. Some time later, several police officers drove into the village due to the sudden drop in communications. There, they bore witness to the same sight the knights had viewed before them, but due to their lack of occult knowledge, they were unable to comprehend the true implications of what they saw. Consequently, rather than feeling the same fear that the knights had, all they could do was wonder what had happened. They tried questioning Aisa, but no matter what they said, she simply refused to answer. In the end, she was given up as a lost cause and placed in the foster care system. There, she lived as normal a life as she could. However, now removed from the secluded mountain village she had grown up in, it wasn't long at all until she heard about Academy City. A city that specialized in the creation of supernatural powers.

In hopes that if she went there she would be able to learn the workings of her ability, and by proxy how to turn it off and not kill anyone else, she applied for entry. To her surprise, it was soon discovered that she was a Gemstone, one of less than 50 naturally occurring espers, and she was granted a full scholarship and great privileges. However, although she discovered the origin and nature of her power, she was unable to achieve her true goal of controlling it. All the methods Academy City came up with to attempt to raise her level ended in failure, and they didn't even succeed in discovering the rules upon which her ability functioned. Even when she entered Kirigaoka Girl's Academy, which had facilities for middle schoolers and up and specialized in rare or unusual abilities, not a single ray of light was shone. Once again, she simply lived as normal a life as she could. That only lasted so long. It was a typical weekend; she'd left her dorm to go get a bite to eat at a family restaurant. On her way back, however, a group of men dragged into her an alley and stuffed a cloth into her mouth. She soon passed out, and the next thing she knew she was sitting in an overly extravagant office.

It didn't take long for her to figure out what was going on; the principal's fanatical preaching was all it took for her to deduce that the school had been taken over by a cult. During her time there, she worked as a twisted sort of priestess. She stood as a symbol of what the cult wished to achieve. To put it bluntly, she was dehumanized and turned into an object of worship. A holy woman, a saint, a goddess. The cult members looked at her saw not as a human but something else. As she lived that twisted lifestyle, she lost perception of time. She never had access to anything like a clock or even the rising and setting of a sun, and the only way she could mark the progress of time was by the regular masses held in the room where she was enshrined. But one day, that routine was abruptly destroyed. One day, the officials of the cult lost all authority. One day, she was freed from her imprisonment.

One day, the alchemist came. He said his name was Aureolus Izzard, and that he had a bargain to make with her. He said that he would give her an artifact called a Walking Church, something that would seal her Deep Blood away, and make it so that she would never kill anyone ever again. And in return, he asked that she use her power to attract a vampire; not so he could kill it, but so he could save someone. In her eyes, this man shone. He had freed her, said he would he would fulfill for most earnest desire, and granted her the opportunity to use her power not to end, but to save a life. It reminded her of the dream she had had since that day her life had been destroyed, but had lost hope of fulfilling within the hopeless monotony of an ordinary life.

She had seen her power destroy. She had seen it seen it destroy both victims and criminals alike. She had seen it destroy that which cannot be destroyed. From that, was born the desire to save. She wanted the power to save everyone. To save the victims, to save the criminals, and to save those who were already beyond saving. She wanted the power of a magician. Aureolus had that power. Her dream which had seemed impossible suddenly seemed very real. It seemed close; it even seemed acheivable. For a month, it was like she was living in a dream. She lived in the Cram School, but was free to come and go as she pleased. Within its walls, no vampire could be harmed by her blood, and during the day she wandered the city looking to lure a vampire for Aureolus. Everything was going well. But once again, her hope was destroyed. Just when Aureolus had finally found the girl he wanted to save, leaving the vampire as the only piece of the equation left to be obtained, a group of people invaded the building. They ganged up on Aureolus, took the girl from him, and drove him to the brink of death. The dream was over.  

Unlike before, however, even though she had lost her immediate salvation, she now had a clue to her goal. Even Academy City which held the world's most advanced technology had been unable to seal her ability, but she'd been shown that there was a different power that could. Among those that defeated Izzard, there were several magicians, but she had no way of tracking them down. However, there were also a few students from Academy City in the group, and two of them wore uniforms she recognized. They were from A Certain High School, home of one of the Seven Wonders of Academy City; an experiment from the Imaginary Number District on eternal youth. She had no attachment to Kirigaoka; she'd only applied in hopes that they'd offer insight into her ability, and they'd failed spectacularly. There was absolutely no reason for her to hesitate in applying for a transfer to A Certain High School. She needed magic to seal her power, and those students were her only gateway into that world.

Deep Blood: Deep Blood is an ability Aisa has held since birth. That is to say, the ability of a Gemstone, or a naturally occuring esper. Like most Gemstone abilities, it has unusual properties to it that make it difficult to describe and nigh impossible to understand through conventional means. However, unlike most esper abilities (not just those that are held by Gemstones, but also those of Academy City's artifical diamonds), it is known not only within the Science Side. It is an object of interest to the Magic Side as well.

This is because the sole function of Himegami Aisa's Deep Blood is to attract and kill vampires, a creature tied far more strongly to the occult which defies logic than to the world of science that espers are generally held to belong to. In a manner not unlike certain carnivorous plants, Aisa's blood emits a scent that is utterly irrestible to vampires. It draws them in, leads them to drink, and them mercilessly destroys them.

Despite its great power, however, it does have several flaws. First is that it only effects vampires. More specifically, it is not an ability so great that it can kill vampires, which is a misconception that can be found among those of the Magic Side, but rather an ability that can only kill vampires. Its second flaw is that it has nothing so convenient as an on/off switch; regardless of Aisa's own will, her blood's scent is always there, ready to draw in and kill any vampire unfortunate enough to catch a whiff.
Head Crusher
Aisa's 'magic wand'. In Greek mythology, the Fields of Elysion are one of the areas of the Underworld where the dead go after they die. However, the term 'Elysion' originally referred to a place where a person was struck by lightning, 'enelysion'. The 'magic wand' is a stun gun repurposed into a spiritual tool that, by striking them with electricity, or 'lightning', designates the place they stand as 'enelysion', or 'in the Fields of Elysion'. However, for someone to stand in the Fields of Elysion, they must first die, so her 'magic wand' is weapon that spells certain death for anyone struck by it and whose very existence is a violation of the Science-Magic Treaty. (...It's actually a model of stun gun that was banned in 1993 for having too much power. They are commonly referred to as 'Head Crushers')
Medical Skill
She has deep and expansive knowledge of the flow of blood within a human's body. With just a glance, she is able to determine the extent of injuries related to the blood of the human body, and she is capable of performing impromptu surgery with nothing but a sewing kit by doing things such as sewing wounds shut with the victim's hair.
Over the years, in order to save money that would otherwise be spent at family restaurants, Aisa taught herself to cook. She has achieved a fairly high degree of proficiency in this skill, and makes her own bentos every morning before going to school.


PLAYER'S NAME: Libertas719
CHATANGO NAME: Libertas719
RATING: R for Restricted (Explicit violence and sexual content. Must be kept offsite.)
FACE CLAIM: Himegami Aisa from A Certain Magical Index
OTHER CHARACTERS: Jack Nightingale and Vita Vesta Caesar

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Himegami Aisa
Himegami Aisa
Level 3 Deep Blood

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[Esper] Himegami Aisa Empty Re: [Esper] Himegami Aisa

Post  Himegami Aisa Tue Jun 16, 2015 12:17 am

Test Post:
It was hot. It was swelteringly hot. The sun was melting the asphalt, reflecting off of windows, and roasting the city along with everyone within it. It was summer heat at its finest. Everyone in the city was being baked alive, and she was no exception.

In fact, she had it worse than most. While most of the students wandering the city were in light, summer clothes, she was wearing a miko's haori and hakama, completely unsuited for the summer. Multiple layers, long sleeves, and a long skirt was just too poor a match with this heat. And on top of that...


She was hungry. It was lunchtime, and she'd been walking in this awful heat since this morning. Her stomach's complaints were growing louder and louder as time went on, and she felt like she was on the verge of melting.

...There was no helping it. She'd have to put off her job for now; she needed food. Thankfully, she'd remembered to bring her coupons with her. They were for a burger place she'd found a while back. Their food was quite good.

More importantly, though, it had air conditioning. It was an escape from the heat! With a strange glint in her eye, she set off running so she could reach that oasis even one second sooner. A little extra exertion was nothing compared to the damage she'd take if the other escapees from the heat stole all the seats!

It didn't take long for her to arrive after that. Like she'd been afraid of, the place was filling up fast. She hadn't been the only one searching for a refuge. Luckily for her, however, there were still a few empty booths, and the lines were still relatively short. She'd made it in time.

"Hello, what would you like to order?"

With a thud, Himegami had removed a great wad of coupons from somewhere on her person and deposited it on the counter with just a bit more enthusiasm than necessary. And just as the cashier's expression began contorting into one of shock, she delivered a merciless combo.

"I'll take thirty to start with."

The cashier froze. The two of them stood perfectly still, staring each other in the eyes. Time seemed to slow down; there was no telling how long that moment lasted. But then, a bead of sweat dripped down the cashier's chin and fell to the counter with plink, and the moment was over.

"Um, thirty, ma'am? Are you sure?"


She spoke with a sense of finality that made it clear she would not be changing her decision.

"...That'll be 1740 yen, please."
Himegami Aisa
Himegami Aisa
Level 3 Deep Blood

Posts : 89
Join date : 2015-06-12
Age : 22
Location : Academy City


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[Esper] Himegami Aisa Empty Re: [Esper] Himegami Aisa

Post  Mugino Shizuri Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:23 pm

You nearly pulled a perfect here, but only nearly~

1. History
It is highly unlikely that Himegami Aisa was born into a family of priests or a miko to begin with. The reason why she was wearing that outfit when she was with Misawa Cramschool was simply because they forced her into wearing as part of her role as a priestess in their twisted science cult.

2. Head Crusher
Does this thing actually have instant killing capabilities…?

Because you know, we’re not quite fond of something that could perform such feats.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Himegami Aisa Empty Re: [Esper] Himegami Aisa

Post  Himegami Aisa Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:59 pm

Aw... And I was so close.

Mm, I'm aware. The reason I added that detail was because during the flashbacks shown during the anime, she was also wearing a miko outfit. It was a chance to explain the flashback, and add more detail to the history. I hope there's not a problem with it, still?

Head Crusher:
Ahaha, everything before the note I put in parentheses at the end can be ignored, Iva. It's just a stun gun. ...A powerful one that was banned from sale, but it's not instant kill. Well, you'll probably be down on the ground, with no control over your muscles as the electrical currents cause them to spasm uncontrollably for a solid 5+ minutes, and possibly in great pain depending on where you get hit, but it's not lethal!
Himegami Aisa
Himegami Aisa
Level 3 Deep Blood

Posts : 89
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Age : 22
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[Esper] Himegami Aisa Empty Re: [Esper] Himegami Aisa

Post  Mugino Shizuri Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:51 am

I'm aware that the first part of the Head Crusher explanation isn't to be taken serious, but you never excluded the fact that it could be lethal in that text, so it's fair to assume it is Razz. I mean it'd be a good reason for the stun gun to be banned to begin with~

[Esper] Himegami Aisa Axdlrt6p

[Level 3 Deep Blood]
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

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[Esper] Himegami Aisa Empty Re: [Esper] Himegami Aisa

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