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[Esper] Kumokawa Maria

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[Esper] Kumokawa Maria Empty [Esper] Kumokawa Maria

Post  Kumokawa Maria Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:55 pm

Kumokawa Maria

Level 2-Violence Doughnut

[Esper] Kumokawa Maria LdryBea

"Continuing on without taking any real damage is fine, but I’ll be in trouble if I have no immunity to that kind of thing once I finally do end up in a truly bad predicament. That’s why I need my pride to be damaged to a level where it will not break. Like serving those who are clearly inferior to me."

FULL NAME: Kumokawa Maria
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Student, Maid-in-Training
SCHOOL: Ryouran Maid School

APPEARANCE: Maria sports long black hair with decorated by ringlet curls. Her body is quite slender underneath her maid uniform as indicated by her modest chest size. Her maid uniform is reminiscent of the type of maid uniforms one would see being worn in Akihabara. It consists of a fluorescent yellow base, mini-skirt, a black corset, a bunny-shaped name tag on the skirt, frills, and black thigh-high stockings.
HEIGHT: 160 cm [5'3"]
WEIGHT: 53.5 kg [118 lb]
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: The most noticeable feature on Maria is her bizarre maid uniform.

Confident and Prideful
Maria has been held up as a genius along with her sister at a young age. Due to this kind of upbringing and her own capabilities, she ended up developing a strong sense of confidence and pride which only continued to grow after she entered Ryouran. Unfortunately, this can come off a bit too strongly as she does end up coming off to some people as somewhat condescending despite the fact that she is not.

Damaging Pride, Rebuilding Pride  
This is Maria's central philosophy. As a result of having her pride broken once before, she made a decision that she wanted to forge a pride that could not break. Her philosophy works along the lines of 'what does not kill you only makes you stronger'. Each stumble, each fall, and each fracture are not things to fret over. In fact, Maria views those as an opportunity to reform her pride up to be even stronger and more resilient than before.

Overbearingly Cheerful
Maria's attitude, in general, is heavily positive. She is the type who can end up making jokes and being even downright silly in dire situations.  Sometimes, this level of cheerfulness and energy she has can be overbearing to those she interacts with. This quality tends to show strongly when Maria rambles about her own pride as Tsuchimikado Maika can attest to.

Heavily Determined
While it's not necessarily to the extent that it becomes tunnel vision, Maria is the type of person who does not easily give up on a goal once she sets out on it. Whether or not this is a result of her massive pride is debatable however, her near-unshakable determination is something that cannot be denied.

A Tendency to Overdo Things
Maria is the type to go at full throttle in all situations. However, this extends to the point where she does so even when it may be unnecessary. As a result, her fighting style is relatively flashy and she tends to move around without a bit of shame until she is called out.

A Sense of Justice, A Helping Hand
While not the type to quickly rush into it, Maria is the type of person who would lend a helping hand to as many people as possible. If she sees someone in need of help, she will go to them. At the same time, she is the type of person who would not go in for the kill. As someone who already has a foot in the Dark Side due to her connections to her sister and her desire to go after Kihara Kagun, this can definitely be seen as a display of her naiveté. However, that naiveté is also the greatest display of the innocence of a girl who is chasing after the back of someone she likes and respects.

+Her sister
+Any chance she can get to damage her pride
+Improving herself
+Kagun (aka Sensei)
+Professional, true maids

-Large Breasts
-When people point out too late how unnecessary stripping is
-Her sister's teasing


-Tends to get flustered easily when people call her out
-Tendency to overdo thing even when unnecessary

NT04 Spoilers:
Geniuses. Talented. If any word was used to describe the Kumokawa sisters, even at a young age, these two were at the top of the list. Born to lower-middle class parents, the Kumokawa sisters learned at a very young age the value of hard work. As a result, this led to the two of them being quite distinguished amongst their peers. In order to allow the sisters' talents to flourish, the Kumokawa matriarch and patriarch pooled enough money to have both their kids enrolled in schools in Academy City.

While Seria had started middle school when she entered the city, Maria started at primary school. Maria was an oddball. Even at a young age, she had a powerful sense of pride. It was definitely something that made her stand out and, as a result, alienated her. She eventually started to become a truant student as a result of that loneliness. She would cut classes for days on end while staying at home. Of course, it started to affect her grades. For Maria, this was the first time her pride was ever damaged.

In her final year of elementary school, her teacher was an odd man by the name of Kihara Kagun. While he was odd, Maria never really paid much attention to the guy. However, simply ignoring him became hard to do. The teacher was also a Student Keeper, after all. That meant that Maria would end up seeing her teacher coming to her dormitory at fairly regular intervals. After getting tired of seeing him there repeatedly coming for her, she decided to finally hear him out. Once she did, the teacher worked his magic and Maria found herself regularly attending school with her pride not only just intact but also stronger than ever. It was at around this phase of her life when she developed her current philosophy about her forming an unbreakable sense of pride. Over time, she, as well as many of her classmates, began to take a liking towards their teacher. She held a deep sense of respect and gratitude towards him.

Close to the end of the year, however, an incident occurred in which Maria as well as a number of Kagun's students were attacked by a strange assailant. She witnessed first hand as Kagun quickly murdered the assailant and saved her life (as well as the lives of the others). Though Kagun was acquitted of all charges, he resigned and left the city. This event and the consequences weighed heavily upon Maria's mind.

Maria eventually moved onto middle school at Ryouran Maid School and became a maid-in-training there. To this day, she still hopes to bring the man she still calls sensei back to the city and continues to search in hopes of finding a lead.

RANK: None
Violence Doughnut: Violence Doughnut, directly translated as Windstorm Axle, is an ability that allows Maria to multiply her centrifugal force by anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times.

Centrifugal force is an inertial force that acts on rotating objects to draw them away from an axis and is an apparent reaction force to centripetal force. For example, if you tie up a person with a rope and swing the rope around, the force one exerts inwards, towards the axis of rotation, to keep the person at a fixed distance and velocity is called the centripetal force and in essence, it is the force exerted by the rope on the person. However, the apparent reactive force exerted by the person on the rope is the centrifugal force.

This increases the destructiveness of her attacks and blows as a result of it causing an increase in accelerations, rotational velocities, and pushes from arbitrary central axes depending on the movements and arcs. However, due to the fact that her body is still a normal human body, increasing her destructiveness can damage her. For example, if she gave a straight punch at maximum force, she could fracture her bones. However, this can be avoided by using motions that are more curved.

Capoeira, Breakdance, and Pole Dance
Maria has mastered a number of martial arts, making her a highly skilled mixed martial artist. These types of martial arts give a heavy emphasis on motions involving rotations and spins while at the same time having emphasis on quick movements and mobility, allowing Maria to use Violence Doughnut to its fullest capability.

Nimble and Agile
Due to this, Maria is able to not only move very quickly and efficiently but is also able to weave around fast and moving obstacles very quickly without much effort. At the same time, her nimbleness and agility allow her to use eight striking points on her limbs as well has her own head and thighs, making her a melee combatant who is difficult to keep up with. This, in conjunction with Maria's mixed martial arts, allows her to utilize the fullest capabilities of her Violence Doughnut.

A Maid's Duties
Maria is one of the top students at Ryouran Maid School. Despite her attitude, she is actually very adept when it comes to the duties and tasks a maid needs to be able to perform. Due to this, Maria is also adept at wielding multiple languages including but not exclusive to English and French due to her school's rough training methods for learning various different languages. Such training includes exercises like being sent off to the airport to guide foreign businessmen in their own native languages.

Transcendent Genius
Aside from her skill as a maid, Maria's genius transcends into other specialties. For example, she is highly knowledgable about modern science and technology to the point where she can put that knowledge into practical use on the fly.


PLAYER'S NAME: Kumokawa Maria
FACE CLAIM: Not Applicable

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Kumokawa Maria
Kumokawa Maria
Level 2 Violence Doughnut

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[Esper] Kumokawa Maria Empty Re: [Esper] Kumokawa Maria

Post  Kumokawa Maria Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:57 pm

Test Post:
"Really, you're such a slob. It's at times like this that I find it hard to believe that you're my older sister." Maria berated her older sister as soon as she passed through an oddly clean foyer with a broom in her hands into the living room of an apartment that looked like a twister had run through it. At the center of the living area was her sister, Seria, lying on the couch in nothing but her underwear with her face planted into one of the pillows.

"Uurglbreh…" Seria couldn't seem to get the motivation pick her head off the couch and speak to her sister directly. "…blargleflechswifrechet…"

"I can't decode muffled gibberish." Maria spoke casually to her lethargic older sister as she started to sweep. "I contact you on November 1st..and 2nd..and 3rd and get nothing and the first thing I find when I get here is that you've gone and become the poster girl for hikkikomoris everywhere. I can feel my pride taking hits each time I come and see you like this."

Seria pivoted her head about her neck to watched as Maria. As her headband was off, her hair was covering most of her face in a way reminiscent of a cliche horror movie monster.

The maid-in-training continued to meticulously sweep until she eventually came across a bra lying on the floor. "Worst of all, I feel like you're trying to insult me when you do things like this, you damn G."


"This is honestly the worst I've ever seen of you. I'm starting to think that Ryouran's studies about the relatives of the maids-in-training are right."


"Seriously, though…you normally at least have the decency to keep all your dirty clothes in one place. Well, I guess it's at least a good enough sign that you're keeping yourself clean and using fresh clothing. But, seriously.." Maria stopped sweeping and looked at Sadak--Seria. "…I am your sister. I am willing to listen to your problems."

"You are still just the little sister."

"There! That was the first coherent and intelligible sentence you've said since I got here! Let's keep this g--" However, her hikkikomori sister's groans ended up drowning her out.

"Fine. You can be that way. But, I am your sister. Even if we don't get to see each other much, you can still confide in me." She finished speaking as she continued cleaning up the apartment.

"I failed to save someone." About an hour had passed since Maria had started cleaning up Seria's house and at this point, all that was left for her was to wait for the drier to finish drying up Seria's laundry and to polish the tables. Yet, Maria smiled since she finally heard her sister speak normally again.

"…" Maria simply listened as she saw that her sister was still sprawled out in the exact same position from an hour ago.

"It was just another tragedy I couldn't prevent despite my knowledge and my own actions." Seria simply sighed as she lay virtually still on the bed.

"So, that's it. I never thought of my sister as the type to mope over a failure." Maria simply sat on a chair at the other side of the table, leaned over, and placed her hand on her cheek with an expression of indifference.

"Huh? What was that?" It was a bit subtle, but Seria's eye, at least the one that could be seen through the gaps in her hair, had twitched. Anyone looking at it would immediately sense an aura of anger around her.

"I said I never thought of my sister as the type to mope over a single failure."

At the sound of those words, Maria could hear the sound of a body being lifted from the couch. She saw Seria quickly standing up and walking up to right in front of her. "What makes you think that you can speak in such a high and mighty tone about my own failures, little sister?"

"Nothing, really. So you failed. Do you regret anything?"

"Of course I regret not being abl--"

"That's not what I meant. Was there any point at which you think you don't think you acted at your fullest?"

"Of course not. That's the whole reason why I'm so pissed off."

Maria sighed. Her older sister was generally so calm and aloof, hell, even manipulative at times. Seeing her being so rash and open was actually quite unnerving. "You did everything you could. You acted to the best of your own abilities. Yet, in the end, you still failed. Your pride was damaged. So, just bounce back stronger. Start from the ground up and work so you don't have to face the same failure next time."

Seria sat back onto the table behind her, crossed her legs, and made her expression and pose an exact mirror of her sister's. "What makes you think that it's so easy? Hell, what makes you think that's even possible?"

"Are you really asking that? For a genius, you're quite dense. You're my sister, the genius who excels at manipulating the hearts of others to the point where people think you could even rival the Number 5. I don't know what you had to go through nor will I ever profess to being able to understand it. But, if there's one thing I do know that my sister can do, it's learning. Even if it takes her a long time, she'll learn, fix her deficiency and find a new one in the process. That's what it means to damage your pride and come back stronger. If anyone can do that as well as I can, it would definitely be my older sister."

The two shared a short silence as they continued to stare into each other's eyes and within a few moments Seria's shoulders began to tremble as she turned to look downward. In the next instant, Seria had broken into laughter. She stood up, returned to her couch, and fell back onto it while still laughing. Despite the length of time, she spent laughing, it didn't feel strained. If anything, it felt more like she was letting out a great amount of stress.

Once that laughter finished, she sighed out of relief, grabbed the headband on the table, and put it on her hair before looking at her sister. "Geez, little sister. When did you get so good at hitting the strings in your sister's heart?"

Maria simply smiled and got up. She picked up a can of furniture polish and started spraying it on the now vacant table Seria had sat on."Who knows? Maybe it rubbed off from my sister? Or perhaps it's just the fact that getting the incompetent master into shape is one of the many specialties of a top-notch maid."
Kumokawa Maria
Kumokawa Maria
Level 2 Violence Doughnut

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[Esper] Kumokawa Maria Empty Re: [Esper] Kumokawa Maria

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:42 pm

Just like with your average canon character I actually cross-read this one with the wiki. While there is still some link between the profile and the wiki page to be found, I noticed that you at least changed the wording enough to create a different feel, which I’m more or less fine with.
However even though you didn’t use the wiki to too great an extent I actually felt like reading a wiki article over the course of my first and second read (the only exception being the history) and this is quite disappointing, if you asked me.

A profile for a canon character should always have signs of effort and creativity, not becoming something like a second wiki entry. Even if accuracy is usually a thing I fancy, this time it is getting too extreme. You simply took whatever information you had and ended up simply smashing it into the profile without doing further molding and forming the sentences into something more heartful.
Therefore, Kohaku, please rework the Personality and Ability section into something that actually has a personal touch to it!

Violence Doughnut, directly translated as Windstorm Axle, is an ability that allows Maria to multiply her centrifugal force by anywhere from 1.5 to 3 times
I think it should be 2 times~
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Kumokawa Maria Empty Re: [Esper] Kumokawa Maria

Post  Kumokawa Maria Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:17 am

So, I rewrote the Personality section almost completely from scratch while at the same time, adding a new like and weakness.

Writing the Abilities section was tougher so I decided to use the previous one as a sort of framework. Some things were changed, merged and some new things were added like a more in-depth explanation on her power's core physical concept, Centrifugal Force, and its effects.

I hope this is far more sufficient~
Kumokawa Maria
Kumokawa Maria
Level 2 Violence Doughnut

Posts : 59
Join date : 2015-07-27
Location : Ryouran Maid School, Academy City

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[Esper] Kumokawa Maria Empty Re: [Esper] Kumokawa Maria

Post  Mugino Shizuri Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:56 am

Now this is what I call the ideal canon profile~ Good Job!

[Esper] Kumokawa Maria Axdlrt6p

[Level 2 Violence Doughnut]

And with this I feel sad that I can't pick up Seria.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

Posts : 611
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[Esper] Kumokawa Maria Empty Re: [Esper] Kumokawa Maria

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