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[Esper] Hakusho Tsuru

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[Esper] Hakusho Tsuru Empty [Esper] Hakusho Tsuru

Post  Hakusho Tsuru Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:46 am

Hakusho Tsuru

Level ___ - Kami Kami

[Esper] Hakusho Tsuru 1NXWdz5k_400x400

"No, not, uh, God… Kami, uh, as in the uh, nature spirits. Look, I, uh… I, uh, I didn’t choose the name, alright?"

FULL NAME: Hakusho Tsuru
OTHER ALIAS: Tsuru-chan
OCCUPATION: Full Time Student.
SCHOOL: Sakugawa Middle School
FACTION: Academia.

Two perfect words for describing Hakusho Tsuru would be “small” and “frail.” Or, for a first impression, “What is a grade schooler doing, wearing a middle school uniform?” Such a response would also be appropriate- For the truth is, Tsuru is a good deal smaller than any of his classmates. Furthermore, he is visibly underweight- Not quite to the point of being skin and bones, but obviously small even for his height. In fact, he almost looks like a particularly strong gust of wind might simply carry him away.

Beyond that, his basic appearance details are as follows: White hair, extremely light skin and light brown eyes. For clothing, he usually wears the uniform of his middle school- More to prove that he’s a middle schooler, than because of how much he likes it. He has… Mixed success, with most people just assuming he’s cosplaying or something. His size is just too large of a hurdle to overcome.

HEIGHT: 4’1”
WEIGHT:  57 lb.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Snow white hair is probably common enough to not be very distinguishing in a fictional world. His small stature probably counts- Not to mention his being one of the rare people to wear his school uniform outside of school.

Swept with the Flow
Rather than simply going with the flow, Hakusho Tsuru believes that he has no other choice but to go along with whatever events are transpiring. After all, being able to reject one’s fate is reserved for the strong… At that is something Tsuru isn’t. Overall, he just doesn’t worry too much about things he can’t control- Even if this means he ends up looking like a pushover.

No Self-Confidence
Though to be fair, why should he have any? With a weak body, and a weak power, wouldn’t it be more surprising if Tsuru was a braggart with a big head? His lack of confidence shines through, especially in his speech- He pauses a lot, and is visibly hesitant about speaking his mind. Frankly, it can get annoying. Especially since stress only makes it worse- And people getting annoyed at his lack of self confidence is often stressful… A vicious cycle.

Small Dreams for a Small Boy  
While he admires Misaka Mikoto, the esper who raised herself to level 5 through sheer hard work… Tsuru has no illusion of doing the same. He likes to take such things in small, manageable steps- And doesn’t tend to think about his next goal until he’s finished his current one. For now, his main goal is to practice his power enough to use it for origami. He thinks that it would be fun, even if he could do it as well or better with his hands. Of course, he’s unwilling to believe that he’s capable of it in the first place.

Surprisingly Diligent?
For someone who firmly believes that it’s not worth fighting the hand he’s dealt, Hakusho Tsuru puts a lot of effort into learning origami. The skill he has learned at the craft proves he has the potential to try hard and improve… If only it weren’t for that defeatist personality which calls it quits before even beginning. Considering that he is attempting to approve his psychic ability in order to use it for origami, perhaps origami is the key to tricking him out of his attitude.

Youthful Naivete
Hakusho Tsuru is very young, and doesn’t have a lot of experience. He tends to parrot phrases he hears without knowing their meaning- Though if he gets in trouble for saying something inappropriate, he usually learns fairly quickly not to say it again. Overall, he has a poor grasp of ‘adult’ concepts such as swearing, dating, racial slurs, etc. Furthermore, he’s not the greatest at hiding his emotions- His face displays whatever he’s feeling with no dishonesty.  

• Origami
• High quality paper, especially origami paper.
• Quiet activities which don’t require strength or skill, such as cloud watching or star gazing.
• People with strong personalities. Tsuru is easily dragged into things, and they tend to drag others into things. It’s like cats and mice… With Tsuru being the mouse.
• Weakness. Specifically, his own. He hates that he’s not able to improve himself… Even if others claim that his own mentality is the only thing stopping him.
• Tsuru isn’t usually associated with strength. He does have some skill at origami, though, so that probably counts.
• His weakness, both in his physical body and his psychic power.
• Defeatist mindset- Defeated before he even tries.
• Difficulty saying no- Easily dragged into things by other people.

Hakusho Tsuru inherited his trademarked weakness from his mother, a frail woman who did not survive his birth. His father, wracked with guilt over his wife’s death, raised Tsuru as best he could. However, as Tsuru aged, he grew to resemble his mother more and more- Which only amplified his father’s guilt and pain. So it was that as soon as Tsuru was old enough, he was enrolled and shipped off to learn at Academy City. His father would later claim that he hoped the power of an esper would help Tsuru to be strong despite his weak body… But nobody was actually fooled. Nobody really blamed him, either.

Unfortunately, obtaining the power of an esper did not make Tsuru any stronger than he was before. If anything, it made him weaker- He grew convinced that weak was just a part of himself, not a thing that could be grown out of. Even the example of Misaka Mikoto, who raised her own level to be one of the strongest in Academy City, fell on deaf ears. Tsuru just could not bring himself to hope that he would ever be anything but weak. Of course, this lack of faith only impeded his progress… And made it seem even less likely that he would ever grow to be above where he started.

As he went through Academy City’s primary school system, Tsuru clearly alienated himself from his classmates. They might not have cared about how weak he was… But he did, more than enough to make up for however they might have felt. Tsuru was convinced that his weakness would drive away anyone who tried to befriend him. After all, his own father had sent him away… And to the boy’s mind, it was because Tsuru was so weak. So what if that wasn’t the case in the slightest. Tsuru was set on believing it.

Not to say that everything was so hopeless. There was one man who put the time in to break through Tsuru’s illusions- His teacher. He just didn’t like seeing such depression in one so young, and so did what he could to help the young boy. At first, it seemed useless- Tsuru was too entrenched in self pity, and assumed that the teacher would soon grow tired of his weakness and leave him alone. But the man persevered, until finally, he discovered a hole in Tsuru’s armor. He knew that Tsuru was an esper with paper powers, albeit weak ones. Maybe, just maybe, paper would be the way to get through to him.

Being a man of classical tastes, the teacher decided that origami was just the thing for the job… And he wasn’t about to let the fact that he didn’t know the first thing about origami stop him! Fortunately, the internet is a beautiful place, and he somehow found the time to learn at least a little of the art. Enough, at least, to introduce Tsuru to it. The boy was skeptical, at first, but seemed receptive to the idea. The old story which claimed that good health would come to one who folded a thousand paper cranes certainly piqued his interest. After all, should not good health include a strong body? He may not dare to hope that it would work, but it wasn’t like he had anything better to do.

At some point after he started, Tsuru realized something. He realized that he was actually enjoying the art of paper folding, and not just doing it because he could. For the first time in his life, he had something for which his weakness didn’t matter. It was a feeling he found, to his surprise, that he liked. Years passed, and as Tsuru entered Sakugawa middle school, he continued to practice origami. Without noticing, he had become much better at the art- Making less mistakes, and cleaner folds. As for his body and his esper power, however, there had been no change. And with that, we are caught up to the modern day.

Kami Kami: Hakusho Tsuru’s esper power is the control of paper. Functionally it is a variant of psychokinesis, however it is limited to only functioning on paper. What's more, Tsuru has weak power and calculating ability. Because of this, he can only manipulate the paper which is within three feet of himself, and only a single sheet at a time. While he has shown the ability to perform simple manipulations on the paper, such as folding it or splitting it in two, his lack of calculating power makes this difficult. Most of the time, the paper will fold differently from what Tsuru intends, by a matter of several centimeters, several degrees, or both.

It is nearly certain that Tsuru's lack of growth during his years at Academy City stems from his lack of belief that he is capable of being anything but weak. If he were to lose this misconception and find some motivation, it is likely that he would exhibit some level of growth. That said, his lack of self-confidence seems deeply rooted in his mind, and not so easily removed. As for motivation, beyond his desire to expand his power enough to reliably use it for his origami, he has none to speak of.

While he is no master, Tsuru is adept at the art of paper folding. One day, he hopes to be able to do so using his ability.

CHARACTER THEME: Pssh, as if Tsuru would ever do anything worth playing music for. Maybe someday he’ll earn music. (As if.)

PLAYER'S NAME: Slrarthryng.
CHATANGO NAME: Slrarthryng
RATING:Let’s go with M. Although realistically, it would be surprising if a thread with him ever gets there- Let alone further.
FACE CLAIM: Nukoduke- Amane Yuuya

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Hakusho Tsuru
Hakusho Tsuru
Level 1 Kami Kami

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[Esper] Hakusho Tsuru Empty Re: [Esper] Hakusho Tsuru

Post  Hakusho Tsuru Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:37 am

Test Post:
Tsuru never did manage to remember the teacher's name.

"Sensei," the boy remarked with a nod. Barely more than was polite, to show he acknowledged the man's presence. Said teacher, for his part, was used to such a cold reception from his student. He approached, hiding something in his cupped hands. Not that the young boy really cared. Sensei probably just saw him as some sort of pity project. Why else would anyone be so interested in a weakling like him? Even if Tsuru opened up to him, they'd never see each other again after he moved up to middle school in a few years. It just seemed rather pointless.

In spite of, or perhaps because of the boy's apathy, the teacher took on a rather cheerful tone. "Hey, Tsuru-kun." The boy had already acknowledged his presence, though, and did not seem inclined to push the conversation. It was expected, but still... The man had hoped that there would be some curiousity! After all his effort to conceal what he was holding, too. The least Tsuru could have done was asked about it!

But the man perevered. "Tsuru-kun, I brought something to show you." He gave up on pretenses, and lifted his hand to reveal what was hidden- A small piece of paper, folded strangely. Well, even Tsuru's young eye could see that it wasn't very well made. The paper was crumpled and pinched... Overall, a mess. Which was probably why he felt a slight kinship with it. "And that's supposed to be...?"

The teacher grinned to see his most difficult student actually opening up. "It's a white paper crane, Tsuru-kun. Just like your name, see?" Clearly, this was just too cheesy for the kid, who made a bit of a face. "It's called origami- It's the Japanese art of paper folding. You have the power to control paper... I was thinking maybe it could help you train your power."

Tsuru stared at him blankly. Increasing his power... Tsuru didn't care about that at all. A weakling like him couldn't improve, no matter how or how much he practiced. Sensing this, Sensei sighed and tried a different tact. Dropping to a conspiratorial hush, he whispered, "Besides that, they say that if you fold a thousand paper cranes, your wish will be granted! Wouldn't you like that, Tsuru-kun?" Tsuru didn't believe it. Such a fantastical story... It couldn't possibly be true... Right? So why was it, that all he could think about was how he might phrase that wish.

Clearly his pointless hope didn't show on his face, because Sensei looked nervous. This was his last ditch effort, and he was certain that it would be the time he managed to break through Tsuru's shell. It... Didn't seem to be effective thus far, though. "Anyways, if... Well, if you wanted to learn, I've been looking stuff up, and maybe.. could teach you?"

He was clearly caught off guard when Tsuru gave a slight nod of assent.
Hakusho Tsuru
Hakusho Tsuru
Level 1 Kami Kami

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[Esper] Hakusho Tsuru Empty Re: [Esper] Hakusho Tsuru

Post  Mugino Shizuri Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:04 pm

There isn’t much I can actually say about this profile, due to there not being anything too striking (in a negative sense) about it.

I. Ability - It’s Weak, I know, but…

Now this might be rather strange case in and of itself, yet it is still worth a remark. I can understand that the ability is rather weak, not to say the weakest imaginable, however, I would still love to request you added a few words on explaining its actual capabilities. Right now there is hardly anything, besides the fact that he can’t even use it to fold paper properly, which is too low on information content. After all he could still manipulate the movements of paper already floating in the air etc.

So, please add at least information on that, possibly by also giving numbers like ranges and limits.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Hakusho Tsuru Empty Re: [Esper] Hakusho Tsuru

Post  Hakusho Tsuru Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:01 pm

Edited the ability description to be more descriptive about his actual limitations, and to take out a lot of the unnecessary fluff. I hope that this is satisfactory.
Hakusho Tsuru
Hakusho Tsuru
Level 1 Kami Kami

Posts : 86
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[Esper] Hakusho Tsuru Empty Re: [Esper] Hakusho Tsuru

Post  Mugino Shizuri Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:41 am

Essentially you have written a character that is literally so good for being absolutely nothing. That’s satisfying, interesting and once again refreshing.

What is it with that wave of low profile characters all of a sudden? What happened to the world destroyers?

[Esper] Hakusho Tsuru Axdlrt6p
[Level 1 Kami Kami]

I could have complained about the ability name not being english, thus not matching the usual Academy City patterns, but I will be merciful, since there is nothing to even complain about with this.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

Posts : 611
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[Esper] Hakusho Tsuru Empty Re: [Esper] Hakusho Tsuru

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