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[Esper] Tsukomata Kana

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[Esper] Tsukomata Kana Empty [Esper] Tsukomata Kana

Post  Tsukomata Kana Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:03 am

Tsukomata Kana

Level 3 Spatial Control

[Esper] Tsukomata Kana Hana_zpskwnq5bk3

"If you don't select the hardest difficulty, you're admitting you're inferior to others."

FULL NAME: Tsukomata Kana
GENDER: Female
SCHOOL: Nagatenjouki

APPEARANCE: She stands at about an average height, with a particularly thin build. She has blue eyes, and blone hair which she often has tied into twin tails. As expected of a student in Academy City, she is usually wearing a school uniform, with thigh-high socks. She usually wears a jacket on her shoulders, though she'll actually wear it properly if it gets chilly. Though she only wears them sometimes, she has a pair of glasses. The lens are ordinary and serve no purpose, as she has perfect vision. She'll usually just have them in her jacket, but she'll wear them when studying, or testing.

She rarely wears anything other than her uniform, even when school is on break. On certain special occasions she might dress up, but those are few and far between.
HEIGHT: 155 cm
WEIGHT: 49 kg


Kana is a firm believer in taking on extra work or challenges when presented with the option. Whether it be for extra credit in the classroom, or even in regards to her hobbies. She often accepts or takes on challenges from others similar to bets or dares at times as well, which sometimes works against her.

Kana enjoys competition from others, and even if they aren't competing back, if she thinks they are a worthy 'opponent' she will score herself against their results. She often spends hours of her time either practicing, studying, or trying to beat a high score in a game that has caught her attention.

Kana is the type to spend a lot of her free time simply reading and learning. A lot of the time it often goes beyond the subjects for school and will be solely for her own benefit. Multiple hours each day is often devoted to this, sometimes more than she even intended.

Calm, and confident
Kana is very calm in most situations, be it threatening, competition, or a challenge. This is largely in part due to her confidence in her own abilities. She stays level headed and can calmly think through most problems. Her confidence stems mostly from the fact she believes herself to be far and above most others intellectually.

Bad with Time
She is very bad at scheduling out her time, and will often spend far longer on something than she means. This impacts her arrival to pre-planned events, unless she has an alarm set, such as for school. This mostly impacts her sleeping habits which are atrocious. She will often get little sleep during the school week. This does little to impact her academic success, but she still would prefer to get more sleep.

Books - Especially if they're educational. Kana's primary hobby would likely be considered reading, and while it is usually for education, there are times when she might read something else that simply interests her, or perhaps she had heard positive reviews or an opinion on a book. She usually finishes several books every week, sometimes more than one in a single day.

Self-improvement - One of Kana's primary goals is bettering herself. You might think it's common that people want to improve or become a better person, but rarely do they actually go through it. The main reason is that they don't like the steps they need to take, or would rather do something else. Kana enjoys bettering herself enough to go through what most wouldn't.

Arcade Games - One of the few hobby's Kana has that most of her age can often relate to. She enjoys going to the arcade and playing games. She's developed interests in the competitive ones, such as Fighting Games mainly. She still has an interest in other games as well, but you can count on her to spend a few hours a week at the arcades. She appears often enough that she has developed a bit of a reputation among other regulars.

School - As expected of a student who studies and wishes to improve Kana enjoys her time in school. Kana takes extra courses and classes regularly, and in some cases actually helps instruct in some of them. She's often a favorite among her teachers, thanks to her interest and results. She is currently a member of the Library Club, and has many charts and lists for various books for helping other students.

Cooking - Kana is a fan of cooking her own food. She's had difficulty always having the opportunity, since certain dorms through her school life had no equipment for their students. Despite this she has managed to develop a relatively nice menu. She's not a prodigy when it comes to preparing meals, but she holds some confidence in it compared to her peers.

Excessive physical activity - Kana has relatively low stamina, and only does minimal exercise at best. She's uninterested in sports and has no talent in any currently. She is very quick to tire and would much rather just do something else instead. She's become fairly reliant on her power, which has only made it worse.

Unclean environments - Kana is a bit of a neat freak when it comes to her own dorm, much to the ire of many room mates she's had. Her tolerance for other dirty or uncleanly rooms is a tad higher than in her own, but she will speak up and demand them be cleaned if that exceed what she can handle. If they still refuse, she will often help out, or in some cases do it for them if she will be there long.

Cowards - She doesn't like when others let themselves get pushed around or refuse to even try something simply because they assume they can't. This applies to both bullying and those who refuse to try in school for reason such as "Why both, I can't pass anyway." She may occasionally try to help a bit, but if they refuse to help themselves she is quick to gain a very negative opinion. It may seem harsh, but she will often abandon such people even if they're getting bullied when they won't at least try to defend themselves.


Potent Memory - Likely from the years of very active use of her mind, Kana has a very effective memory, able to recall most things she's studied. While she can't quote an entire book back word for word, she can remember every book she's ever read since elementary school, and summarize what they were about. This is one of Kana's greatest assets when combined with the extensive studying and learning she takes herself through. She believes her memory stays so keen thanks to always studying, and that it in turn makes her studying better thanks to her ability to recall the information.

Analyzing and problem solving - Kana is able to quickly take information in, analyze it, and come to conclusions. She looks at things from many angles to deduce the best ways to handle most given situations. There have been puzzles or problems she has been unable to handle on her own, but those few she didn't get through only helped her grow and learn more as an individual. While she often can come to quick conclusions it doesn't mean she is unable to get through them if it takes a bit more time. Sometimes the best way to solve a tough problem is to gather more information and study.

Knowledge and Academics - Having spent a majority of her life studying in her free time and in class, her knowledge is extensive to say the least. She has few peers when it comes to her academics, even within Nagatenjouki. She is known by other students to have complicated conversations with professors on material they can't follow themselves. Though while her knowledge is extensive she has no particular subject of focus. She still searches for something which truly interests her enough to focus on.


Physical Capability - Thanks to her habits and hobbies, she rarely takes any to strength herself physically. While she maintains a healthy body due to her eating habits, and bare minimum exercise before bed, she has a weak body. Her stamina is so low that she would struggle to run a block before tiring. This has only gotten worse as her powers developed further, as she has become lazier around the house even. Her physical strength is likely among the lowest in her age group.

Difficulty refusing challenges - As long as the challenge is something even remotely reasonable she has difficulty turning it down. For example, she wouldn't accept a ridiculous dare or bet to climb to the top of a building, but she would be almost incapable of refusing a challenge either in the fields of video games, testing, knowledge of a subject, or even a contest regarding their Esper powers. There are many other challenges she would accept as well, but as long as it isn't something she dislikes she is likely to agree.

Fear of heights - When she was younger and tried to use her powers to fly she became very quickly disoriented and had difficulty controlling herself. As a result she ended up floating higher, and had almost no balance, spinning and couldn't tell any direction apart. Luckily another esper was around to help her, but she developed a fear of heights and even though her mastery of her power has greatly increased she doesn't like to use her powers to fly. After the traumatic event, even being in a high altitude from a building or jet can cause her to be uneasy if she can see through a window.

Fear of Normalcy - A strange phobia she developed due to the extremely ordinary and boring life of her family. Kana's perception of what it means to be normal is practically the worst thing she can imagine at this point. Most of her actions, including her betterment of herself, and trying to achieve greatness stems from this fear. Currently even while she stands above many, both as a student, and esper she believes that normalcy and ordinary life is not far away. As for what she thinks it would mean to escape that life, not even she knows at this point.

HISTORY: Tsukomata Kana was born to possibly the most ordinary family. They lived each day in a carefree way, didn't worry about many problems, and in the rare case they did, it was certainly not something unusual. Her father worked for an average wage. Her mother was the usual stay home, and clean type. Nothing that happened within her family ever stood out. Kana herself would have very likely ended up living the same type of ordinary life, if it wasn't for Academy City.

Like other children, she went to Academy City at a very young age, but even by this time in her life she had subconsciously realized her ordinary her family had been. Like most children was excited to enter into the Power Curriculum Program, though in a slightly different manner. The appeal of gaining magic-like powers was still present, but she had already wanted to change and be different from the family she already felt was boring.

Early on in her school life she had already started to behave in a way you would expect from an honor student. She spent a lot of her time reading and learning, even when it wasn't expected by her teachers. Kana tried to excel as a student and Esper due to a complex she had unknowingly developed. She had a fear of being 'ordinary'. Kana devoted herself to excelling in her academics, as well as anything that interested her, which as common for a kid did include a bit of video games.

She didn't have many friends through most of her school life, as she spent most of her time studying, and didn't have much interest in playing in the park like the other kids, and once she was older she didn't spend much time going out like the others either. While she didn't have many friends she didn't feel lonely either, since she had a goal to accomplish.

She wanted to reach her peak ability, both as an Esper and as a scientist. While not officially a scientist at her age she thought of herself as one. She spent all of her time learning and growing as an individual. She had no particular area of focus for her studies, and had no expertise, but her broad range of knowledge was still ever growing and quite impressive. It was around the end of middle school when she became self aware of her fear of the ordinary. While having become an honor student in Academy City, and an Esper, she still felt she hadn't gotten far enough away from normalcy.

During her first high school year Kana spent much of her time researching what sets people apart from one another. Researching common tropes and things in common between the majority. She had to learn more about her fear to try and escape it, but it did nothing to help. Now in her 2nd year, she has returned to her previous studying patterns, but she desires to learn of something abnormal or strange to devote herself to.

Spatial Control: An application of telekinesis which covers a sizable range around Kana. She can control or move objects within 20 meters of herself, although the speed at which she can move the object is much slower the further the object is from herself. In addition, just because something is within her field doesn't mean she has absolute control over it. For example, she would have a hard time targeting something in someone's grasp if they moved around randomly, or taking it if they were near the edge of her field, holding onto it tightly. She can move objects while walking or running around, but with very limited control and clumsiness.

She can control multiple objects at one time, however when doing so her control of each weakens a bit, growing worse for each additional object. It's still easy to move them in a manner altogether, but complicated movements using multiple after even just two becomes very difficult unless it was planned in advance and practiced. On the fly it wouldn't be feasible to do anything fancy with multiple objects, such as sudden development in a combat oriented situation.

Her maximum weight capacity is 75 kgs across the sum of all objects she is trying to manipulate. This means she could control one 50 kg object and two 12.5 kg objects, and nothing else, or a single 75 kg object. Just like how the range from herself impacts the speed at which an object moves, the weight of an object also slows down the acceleration of an object. In addition it's harder to move a heavier object near the edge of her field than if it originated by her. Regardless of weight capacity, if the object is smaller than what the human eye can perceive she isn't able to use her powers on it.

The maximum speed at which she can propel a light weight object would be roughly 40 meters per second, if it started directly next to her. The same object, if propelled away from her at the edge of her ability would travel roughly 3-4 meters per second. She is able to use her power on herself, but due to awkward control due to her range shifting while using the power it makes it very difficult, and she can only move at slow speeds, roughly at casual walking speed. In addition she developed a fear of heights when due to levitating herself while young, and doesn't like to float.

Within her Spatial Control, when actively concentrating on using her power she becomes able to feel motion. This effect of her ability allows her to sense movements of people, vehicles and anything else within her range, though if something isn't moving when she activates it, it would escape her spatial sensing. Even if using her power unless it's an unusual situation she rarely reacts to common occurrences such as people walking, or cars driving by. For example, an unnatural fast movement of small size may catch her attention, especially if it's from a strange angle, or altitude. But a large object such a car or even a bus moving at high speed wouldn't alert her, due to being fairly ordinary. Just like her control over objects, she cannot sense the movement of anything that is smaller than what the human eye can perceive. The way this application of her power operates is that when using her Spatial Control, if there is no movement from any source, it would feel like a "0," and anything that presses against her power would be a "Minus." Of course using her power would be a "positive." So whenever anything is moving through her radius, she feels a push against her power from it's current location.


High Intellect and Memory
Shown in her ability to excel as a student, and also as an Esper. She is able to adapt and form strategies for normal day to day activities, but also in strange situations, such as being forced into a battle. In addition, she has a large range of knowledge, including many Esper powers. This is arguably her greatest asset, in many ways even superior to her Esper Power.

CHARACTER THEME: A selection of musical tracks to act as your character's motif or background music. Can include as many or as few tracks as you wish.

PLAYER'S NAME: Tsukomata Kana
CHATANGO NAME: Tsukomatahaze
RATING: M, I guess
FACE CLAIM: sawamura spencer eriri – saenai heroine no sodatekata

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Tsukomata Kana
Tsukomata Kana
Level 3 Spatial Control

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[Esper] Tsukomata Kana Empty Re: [Esper] Tsukomata Kana

Post  Tsukomata Kana Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:01 am

Test Post:
Tsukomata Kana was walking home after picking up something to eat for the night's dinner, since the day's classes had ended already. She had already planned to read a new book she had picked up from the library. It was a book with tips and methods to keep your mind active. She likely wouldn't need any tips, but it had high ratings, she so would give it a read to evaluate it herself if nothing else.

Kana stared intently at the corner she was walking towards. Nothing out of the ordinary was before her, but if you saw her expression you might think she had some sort of crazy ghost or spirit seeing powers. Finally once she made it to the corner, she looked across the street to the Arcade. It wasn't part of her plan initially, but she knew that they had recently gotten the latest edition of Blazed Azure, one of the most popular Fighting Games current in the arcades.

She already knew she wouldn't be able to fight the temptation, and she knew she had plenty of time to waste, and still make plenty of progress with her reading. It would be fine to spend just an hour practicing. Nodding to herself, agreeing with her own thoughts, she made her way across.

She made her way in, surprisingly there weren't many people in here at the time, she noted. After getting some tokens, she headed over to Blazed Azure machine. Since no one was around yet she just played a bit of the standard Arcade mode, practicing her combos and seeing what changes had been made to her character. After a short while, another kid finally came up and put some tokens in to challenge her. "Heheheh... Are you sure you can stand up to me?" She asked, in a mocking tone. The other kid seemed a bit confused. "Sure, I'm pretty good at fighting games," the boy said, sounding someone confident.

Within just a moment, she had perfected him two rounds in a row. The kid didn't even bother for a rematch, but it seemed while she played, more people had finally shown up, and a crowd and line had formed. Another challenger stepped up pretty quickly. The set ended almost as quick, but the new challenger had been a little bit more experienced.

The pattern went on for about an hour, and due to the nature of an Arcade setup being you play until you lose, she had been stuck playing. At this point the players that were willing to challenge her had gotten a lot better, since the rest weren't willing to waste their money. "Do you honestly think you have the power to beat me?" She asked, still acting like some sort of cheesy villain, as the latest player came up to the machine, putting the tokens in. He was noticeably larger than most of the kids, standing probably almost a foot taller than her.

"I'm going to get you off this machine, girl. It's not fair to the others when you're always the one playing!" She wasn't sure if he was acting like a hero, or if the boy simply did find it unfair, but regardless she responded to him. "It's not my fault that the game is designed for the winner to stay on! Just blame your powerlessness!" Just as she was about to select her character, the man responded once more.

"How about a deal. We'll wager 1,000 yen. Win or lose, you get off the machine, but you'll get 1,000 yen if you win." The man smiled, somewhat arrogantly. Kana had trouble telling whether it was because of his confidence, or if he would be happy just to get her out of here. "I'll accept, but with one condition." Kana smirked, before adding "I'll play with 1:3 odds, if I win, you pay me 3,000. I'll play with only one hand, however."

The man, taken aback, stammered for words. "A-are you taking me so lightly? I'm a high level player y'know. I might just be able to beat you at your best. However, I'll accept your condition." He smiled, as he selected his character. She, as she said, took her hand away from the buttons, only keeping her left hand up with the stick.

The man couldn't figure how she could play like that. At best she might be able to hit a couple buttons while moving around a bit. As the round started however, Kana's character moved with all the speed and finesse as ever before. He was caught off guard at first, but it seemed true he was skilled, as he managed to defend himself well. Was she cheating, he wondered, trying to glance over and see what she was doing, but nothing looked odd. Had she not been the one playing? Remote control? He couldn't tell, but everytime he tried to look or figure it out, he fell into a mixup or combo. Ultimately Kana won the match partly due to him trying to figure out the trick. The truth was he may've even been better than her.

"I win," Kana stated confident, as she stepped away from the machine, as promised. The man having not figured out the trick took his wallet out, didn't hand her the money right away. "How? Was there someone else playing? A girl couldn't have been that good, right?" It was particularly narrow minded view, but in the end Kana didn't let it bother her. "My power lets me move things within my range." She levitated her remaining tokens into the air, a confident smirk plastered on her face, as she crossed her arms. In the end, she was paid, and left the Arcade. She checked her phone as she walked out, noticing how long she had stayed. "Keh... twice as long as I intended. Atleast it wasn't as bad as before." She headed off towards her room, so she could get started with her reading for the night.
Tsukomata Kana
Tsukomata Kana
Level 3 Spatial Control

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[Esper] Tsukomata Kana Empty Re: [Esper] Tsukomata Kana

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:06 pm

The second profile of the member wave. Wait did I skip one? Oh well~

First of all I need to say that this one is quite good on first read. The character is quite simple, but delivers quite well; the best kind. But what is the best in face of the dissection table?

I. The Ability - Limits
Actually I do like what you are doing, giving me a good insight on all of the specs of the ability and its limits on first few, which is something you don’t see that often with profiles; that makes work so much easier.

My first question is about the maximum weight she can control. Is it in regards to the total of all objects or for each object she can control?

Besides that I wonder if there is a minimum and maximum size to the objects she can grasp with her ability? Does she stop at graspable items or can she go to molecular or gigantic levels (assuming there are gigantic things with a weight of 75kg).

I’d like to mention that Esper abilities should remain something to be used consciously. People like Accelerator may have passive side effects to their ability, however those are quite high level and related to the mind working subconsciously. Therefore I would love you to make her sensing skill a trait she is forced to expend at least a little active focus to.
Actually how does that field even work?

Anyway, this is it for the time being.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Tsukomata Kana Empty Re: [Esper] Tsukomata Kana

Post  Tsukomata Kana Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:45 pm

The 75 kg limit is total at a single time, I'll edit the description to clarify that. So she can't control a dozen 75 kg objects at one time.

Huh, good question. So I'll say she definitely is unable to use her powers on anything she herself cannot see, so anything smaller than what the human eye can see is beyond her ability. As far as being even larger, I would say if it's "Gargantuan", but still 75 kg it should be possible depending on the balance of the weight I suppose. If the object is 30,000 km wide and 70 kg, and only a small portion of it is in her field, the way it's controlled would be very awkward. I can't imagine the latter is something that would come up very often though.

I can change the field then. It'll only be in effect when she is concentrating on it. The way it works in my mind is sort of like her telekinetic ability is affecting things in her range as "0", and other movement against it creates a "minus" feel to her, if that makes sense. I'll edit it to be entirely active instead of the passive-like effect it is now.

Unrelated to those changes, I actually added a bit more detail in other areas, such as the strengths/weaknesses, etc. Nothing has really changed besides depth that was lacking with descriptions.
Tsukomata Kana
Tsukomata Kana
Level 3 Spatial Control

Posts : 63
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Age : 34

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[Esper] Tsukomata Kana Empty Re: [Esper] Tsukomata Kana

Post  Mugino Shizuri Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:03 pm

Now that’s a fairly decent edit. You’ve filled in everything I asked. I could of course nag about things like the mention of a need to actually be aware of the object she’s affecting, but frankly that is something that comes naturally with telekinetic abilities; especially if it is a requirement for the object to be recognisable by the human eye.

[Esper] Tsukomata Kana Axdlrt6p
[Level 3 Spatial Control]

I actually believe that you wrote quite the enjoyable profile there, was there no lack of anything.

With that, I shall close this page and move onto the next~
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

Posts : 611
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[Esper] Tsukomata Kana Empty Re: [Esper] Tsukomata Kana

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