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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako

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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Empty [Esper] Kuramoto Minako

Post  Kuramoto Minako Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:54 am

(Kuramoto Minako)

(Level 3 Telekinetics.)

[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Large%201

"No matter what, I will not give up. There has to be a way... there just has to!"

FULL NAME: Kuramoto Minako
GENDER: Female
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School.

APPEARANCE: The first thing you notice about Minako is her pale skin. It is the color of cream, with almost a luminescent quality that rivals moonlight. Her long, thick, black hair is held back by a thin headband, which causes it to cascade down her back, and around her shoulders. Her eyes are a deep blue, that is striking against her pale skin, and dark hair. Her eyes, although kind, seem to hold a soft sadness that seems to melt even the coldest of hearts. As per Tokiwadai Academy's rules, Minako is usually seen in her school uniform. Minako, although young, is still rather curvy which makes her uncomfortable. She tries to hide it, whether by holding books, or wearing loose clothing. She blushes easily ranging from a mild blush, when people just talk to her, to blood red, when she is fully embarrassed.

HEIGHT: 152.4cm
WEIGHT:  49kg


Shy, yet outgoing.
At first, Mina seems to be an extremely shy person. She tends to not speak in big crowds, unless necessary. She may seem to come off as stand-off-ish, but it isn't intentional. She just prefers to listen, rather than speak. Once you get through her shell, she tends to talk a lot more than normally. She becomes, well, not shy at all.

Minako is an extremely kind person. There is an honesty, and true caring about her. She loves her friends and family wholeheartedly. Minako is full of love and compassion, and tends to try to make others feel better about themselves.

Minako always looks for a bright side. The silver lining, that tends to evade others in this day and age. No matter how dark things may seem, or get, Minako holds onto hope. She knows there is a way to protect people, even at the cost of her own life if necessary.

Minako tends to think more with her heart than her head at times. She can sometimes be seen fighting against injustice, trying to right the wrongs. She has the notion that good should always conquer evil. And love truly is the strongest power of them all. Realistic not necessarily, and Minako knows that but it still doesn't deter her.

Minako is rather intelligent, as noted by attending Tokiwadai Academy. She tends to excel at science and mathematics, enjoys literature for fun, and has a truly amazing artistic side that ranges from drawing, to performing music. Mina has been known to utilize her power in many different, and creative ways when necessary.

Reading, drawing, singing, playing the violin, animals, and getting food with friends.

Being embarrassed, People who take advantage of others, comments about her curves, and spiders.

Extremely loyal, artistic, quick thinking, and agile.

Easily overlooked, a bit naive, acts without thinking sometimes, and easy to blame self if things go wrong.

HISTORY: Kuramoto Minako was born into a fairly wealthy family. Her father is a doctor, and her mother is a scientist. Minako is the youngest of three girls. Her two older sisters have already become rather successful in their own rights as well. Her family has been known, for generations, for their money, power, and status. Minako always felt overshadowed by her sisters, they were always smarter, faster, stronger, and more talented than she was. This lead to Minako's shy nature, always worrying about not being good enough in no matter what she was doing.

Ever since entering Academy City at the age of 6, Mina studied and worked hard to develop her power to level 3. Her grades were top notch and she even picked up a few ladylike hobbies, so that she could attend Tokiwadai. Being a girl, and a Kuramoto, you were expected to attend Tokiwadai. Her family was part of the social eliet, and failure was not an option. When she was finally old enough to take her entrance exams, she scored high enough allowing her to attend Tokiwadai, just like her sisters.

During her first year at Tokiwadai Minako was tasked with competing in Daihaseisai, in the gymnastics competition. Apart from team practices, she rarely spoke to her fellow classmates. Word went around that Mina didn't talk to anyone because she was a stuck up rich girl. However harsh the rumors were, Minako tried to ignore them. She knew the truth. She wasn't a snob, she just didn't know how to talk to people. To get them to like her. Her family's competitive reptuation, and thirst for power and status didn't help. Slowly Minako faced her fears, and started to talk to random students at Tokiwadai. By the end of her first year she was dissolving that horrible rumor, and getting recognized as the shy, yet kind girl she truly is. Currently Minako's wish is to become a member of Judgement, to protect and assist the public.


(Telekinetics): Although it is a common ability, Minako is proud to be a Telekinetic User, someone who can move objects with their mind. Her ability is a lot like other people's ability as she can only control solid objects large enough for her eyes to perceive. She has an average range (about 15 meters), weight (maximum 150 kgs), and speed (112 kmph) where her ability is effective. She has to be able to see an object, in order to use her power on it. Mina's power can be used while moving, but requires more focus and calculation, thus often leading to clumsy control issues.

Minako can control more than one object at a time (up to 5), but she can only control the objects if it falls within her power restriction (range and maximum weight). For example, Mina can control one 150kg item, or five 30 kg items. As long as it falls within her power restrictions, she can control them. However, the more items she controls the more limited the movement becomes. The weight of an object also effects how fast Mina can move it, the heavier the object the slower it will go. She is able to move multiple objects in different directions, but it becomes more strenuous, and difficult to achieve with the more objects she tries to control this way. Her control after two objects, moving in different directions, is twice as hard as if she was moving two objects in the same direction. The calculations become harder, and her control falters, often leading to clumsy movements, or termination of control.

When using her power on objects, she must gesture (With her finger[s]/hand[s]) in the direction of what she is targeting, to influence her power upon the object. Calculation times very upon Weight, distance, and speed at which she wishes to move an object. Her quickest calculations have been clocked at 1 second, for light items near her. The longest calculation was 10 seconds to lift and throw something that maxed out her limitations.

Minako is capable of using her power on herself, allowing her to jump higher (by using her power to launch herself into the air while jumping), hit harder (by using her power when smacking), and even levitate! When using her power on herself gestures are not required, as her mind is aware of what she wishes to achieve, and is connected to her body. Thus not requiring her to make 'contact' with the item she wishes to move. Calculations, while using her power on herself, are also fairly quick, because she is aware of her own weight, where she wishes to go, and how fast she wishes to go. These calculations take anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds, depending on if she is just enhancing her body's natural movements, or levitating.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.

At a young age, Minako was in love with the idea of flying through the air gracefully. So, she began training in gymnastics and tumbling.  Sometimes, when paired with her esper power, she can jump, and flip higher than normal.

Artistic Talents
Talented is most visual and performing arts, her favorites include drawing, singing, violin, and piano.


PLAYER'S NAME: Kuramoto Minako
RATING: M for mature (Violent or suggestive content such as 'Ecchi' or 'fanservice' scenes.)
FACE CLAIM: Original Art - Traced to http://weheartit.com/Kamitosha

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Kuramoto Minako
Kuramoto Minako
Level 3 Telekinetics

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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Empty Re: [Esper] Kuramoto Minako

Post  Kuramoto Minako Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:03 am

Character Test Post:
Kuramoto Minako stood upon the stool reaching towards the black, leather bound book. "Just a little bit... further..." Mina groaned to herself as she reached as far as she could, her fingers brushing against the spine of the book. That is when she felt it, the shift, and all of a sudden she was going down. A minor squeal filled the air. All that had time to register was 'Oh crap' before the quick caluclation was called into her mind, and about a foot from, Minako was floating. With a small sigh of relief, Mina looked up only to make eye contact with a boy about her age standing at the end of the asile. With a view that went right up her... "Oh!" Mina squealed as her concentration broke, and she fell to the ground. Her face was blood red, as she quickly rushed to cover her legs. Why did Tokiwadai have to give them such short skirts. WHY?!

Embarrassment filled her face, as she looked up again. The boy was gone. Thank God! Minako stood up, brushed herself off, and flipped her raven colored hair over her shoulder once again. She had suffered enough embarrassment enough. But she needed this book. This book held important information for her assignment. Minako looked to her left, and to her right. The coast was clear. Just when she was getting ready to get back up on the stool, she had a better idea. She could see the book, and really her power wasn't going to harm anyone... Minako reached out her right index finger, and made a 'come here' motion. The black book soared off the shelf, and down to the pale girl. Minako caught the book in her hands, as her power released.

For a moment, her embarrassment was forgotten, and a small rush of pride filled Minako. She was always proud of her ability, but it was moments like this it truly made her happy. Finally able to accomplish something, that she was unable to achieve previously. A few years ago, she could barely lift a pencil. Now, she was able to lift an ancient looking book, without even thinking about it! Minako walked through the labrinth like corridors of the library, finally making it back to her usual seat. Her bag sat beside a red over stuffed chair, in a well lit unused corner of the library. She opened it up, and began to read the first page of her temporary trophy.
Kuramoto Minako
Kuramoto Minako
Level 3 Telekinetics

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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Empty Re: [Esper] Kuramoto Minako

Post  Mugino Shizuri Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:32 am

What a cute and innocent girl. We’ve never had any of those I believe.

I. The History — Where to start, where to start

I’m not our resident self proclaimed God of Tokiwadai, but even I do have some understanding of the school as it is. It’s a school even the most high ranked people from all around the world were rejected to go to, hell we even had a princess from some foreign country outright rejected. The thing is, Tokiwadai takes only the absolute elites and that in terms of both social status and powers. And powers is quite a keyword. According to the history she entered Tokiwadai the moment she entered Academy City, with no powers cultivated whatsoever. That’s not possible, considering the circumstances I just described.

I could also pick a bit on the idea of social status, but I’ll just leave it at this short remark. Pick it up, though.

That’s it for part one, but that ain’t all.

Vacation in Academy City is something that is strange. You can’t visit there unless you have reasons like having direct relatives in the city or when there is one of these events open for the public, like Daihaseisai and so on. Now with her visiting Academy City right after being approved by a school, I would suggest she actually moved there that time, either accompanied by her family or visited by them a short time after entering. That way it’d go more fluently according with the lore.

II. The Ability — Clearing things up

It’s a basic ability and basic abilities are usually quite well received, so that’s a plus. Still, I need to pick on a few things here as well.

First of all, she can move objects of less than 5kg at speeds of 45ms. That’s basically 162kmh. Getting hit by something with that weight at that speed might actually turn out to become quite lethal. Not that I mind lethalness, but I’d like to lower the speed just an itsybitsybit.

Now on to fixing my own understanding of the case: She can control two objects at the same time maximum, only limited to her own field of vision and the more complicated and different the respective motions are the greater the strain due to complexity? Please answer.

I’m also a bit curious about that self use. While I see levitation as a possibility I’m a bit concerned about how exactly the jump higher and hit harder part works. Could you elaborate for me, please?

Edit: Oh right, she's a bit too tall for your average Japanese middle school girl. You might wanna look into that as well.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Empty Re: [Esper] Kuramoto Minako

Post  Kuramoto Minako Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:02 pm

Edits have been made. I tore apart the power bio, and re-wrote the entire thing.
Kuramoto Minako
Kuramoto Minako
Level 3 Telekinetics

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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Empty Re: [Esper] Kuramoto Minako

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:08 am

Why do people always keep doing their edits at light’s speed? All three of you even! Well, you’re the fastest so I’ll be the fastest as well.

I. The History — Cutting, Slicing, Burning

To fully understand the history I need to request you added the age she entered Academy City, since that’s a rather important thing for clearing misunderstandings here.

Beyond that, let me drop another note on something. While I would consider it within the range of possibility that her elder sisters attended Tokiwadai Middle School, it is highly unlikely, not to say impossible, for her mother or grandmother to have attended that school. Simply for the reason that Academy City itself was only built 20 years ago, with the schools and all that being founded at best 10 years ago or something (that part is a bit vague and I dislike stepping into the blank domain any farther).

The death of her family still feels a tad iffy to me. I don’t see why a family with that social status would help their child move like that, especially if we consider that setting again. As far as I can tell Tokiwadai would probably support to action of moving into their dorms with high spirits (good treatment of their ojous is part of their spirit after all). But I will discuss this with someone, before coming to a conclusion here.

II. The Ability — Nerf, Nerfing, Nerfs

Now that you’ve done the changes to the ability, I actually need to request you returned something back into it. The first would be the complication that arises when controlling multiple objects at the same time and moving them in different ways. That was quite a good idea for a downside, thus I would love it if you kept it in.

The other thing I need to urgently ask is a fixed number of objects she can control at the same time. 15 is a tall number. I like smaller ones, like four or five.

Beyond that I need to request you to add a way of designating the target for her ability, like pointing in the direction of what she is targeting or whatever. This I want to see paired with an actual application/calculation time – the usual stuff.

And lastly, please drop notion that she can only control solid objects large enough for her eyes to perceive.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Empty Re: [Esper] Kuramoto Minako

Post  Kuramoto Minako Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:27 am

Sorry for being fast. I just am really excited to get out there and join the others!

I. History: Cut, sliced, burned, and totally re-vamped. Torn apart and re-stitched back together. I hope you like it better.
History Changes:
1. Age she entered Academy City

1. Sisters attended Tokiwadai, not mother/grandmother.

1. Family deaths. Perhaps I can use her family for story purposes later on. Made the bio more about her, and less about her family.

II. Ability: Nerfy, Nerf, Nerfs. I beat my head against a wall trying to figure all of this out, and I hope I covered everything.
Ability Changes:
1. Complication when moving multiple objects.
2. Physical designation of Target for ability.
3. Calculation times registered as well. (This was a very big struggle for me, as I didn't want it to be instantaneous and be over powered, but I didn't want to break my character's ability and make it useless. I hope I balanced it out enough.)
4. Control solid objects large enough for the eyes to perceive.

1. Total objects from 15 to 5.
Kuramoto Minako
Kuramoto Minako
Level 3 Telekinetics

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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Empty Re: [Esper] Kuramoto Minako

Post  Mugino Shizuri Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:35 am

I just realised that you filled out the Esper Level before approval~that’s a thing you don’t do. Bad.

Well, to be fair in her case there was only one possible Level to begin with, with Tokiwadai regulations and all that. Still, I would love it if this didn’t occur again, so bear it in mind for possible future characters.

[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Axdlrt6p
[Level 3 Telekinetics]

Surprise surprise. No beams of death today.

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Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Empty Re: [Esper] Kuramoto Minako

Post  Kuramoto Minako Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:26 am

Sorry, I only put level 3 due to Tokiwadai's level requirement. It won't happen again Sir. Thank you Sir!
Kuramoto Minako
Kuramoto Minako
Level 3 Telekinetics

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[Esper] Kuramoto Minako Empty Re: [Esper] Kuramoto Minako

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