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[Esper] Saito Hirashi

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[Esper] Saito Hirashi Empty [Esper] Saito Hirashi

Post  Saito Hirashi Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:30 pm

Saito Hirashi

Level 2 Kinetic Flux

[Esper] Saito Hirashi Itsuki10

"Logical progression governs all things around us. With sufficient data and subjective reasoning, every outcome can be anticipated and used to one's advantage."

FULL NAME: Saito Hirashi
SCHOOL: A Certain High School

APPEARANCE: Due to spending much of his times indoors, Hirashi is on the slightly paler side of the skin-tone spectrum. Hirashi has long-ish black hair coming down to cover the top half of his ears, and has a jogger’s build. Hirashi has brown eyes, and despite having imperfect eyesight and owning a pair of glasses with a plain, black frame, he dislikes wearing them and tries his best to get through the day without glasses.

HEIGHT: 170 cm

WEIGHT:  65 kg

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Hirashi possesses a slightly above-average height.


Hirashi prefers to think a problem through thoroughly, analysing the situation before acting to a carefully formulated plan. Hirashi believes the power of a sound logical deduction will always triumph over gut instincts.

Hirashi subscribes to the belief that the louder one speaks, the faster one dies. Hirashi is economic with his words, and prefers to stay unnoticed by people who he thinks are no use to him.

Hirashi believes in the virtues of the upkeep of a positive inter-personal image. Being polite, in Hirashi’s view, costs him nothing except a small amount of self-restraint, but can open many doors which will otherwise be difficult or impossible to open.

Having a dependable and comprehensive database to fall back on is essential for Hirashi’s logical deductions. As a result, Hirashi regularly observes his surrounding with a keen interest in small details. Hirashi is also well read on a number of different topics, particularly mathematics and the applications of esper powers.

Hirashi is constantly looking for new experiences and fresh data to broaden his database. As a result, Hirashi have often found himself in precarious situations brought on by his curiosity. Due Hirashi’s interest in the abnormal, he enjoys changing up his everyday routines, after which he mentally analyses and catalogues the results before going to bed.






People watching

Formal clothing

Chewing gum

Unusual Occurrences


Loud environments

Rude people



Open shoes

Wearing glasses


Calm Under Pressure

Self Reliant


Strong Logical Analysis

Efficient Speaker



Poor Improvisation

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Physically Weak

Overly Curious

HISTORY:  Hirashi was brought up as the younger child of two in a middle-class family. Hirashi’s parents, Saito Hozumi and Saito Kazusa, owned a corner-shop which served as the family’s main source of income. Due to the nature of their work at the corner-shop, Hirashi’s parents were often absent from Hirashi’s daily life in order to tend to their small bussiness. As a result, Hirashi has grown extremely close with his older brother, Hiroya, who would walk Hirashi home from school every afternoon and help him with his homework. Where Hiroya was an outgoing and perpetually energetic young man, Hirashi was quiet and prefered to stay indoors.

Hirashi’s natural prowess at logical reasoning and his fondness of reading soon made him the star student of his local primary school. Although this achievement was not overly impressive in the larger picture because of the generally poor education standards of his rural prefecture, it fueled Hirashi’s love for mathematics to a degree of borderline obsession during his childhood years. Hirashi soon graduated from primary school and went on to take the maths prize at his middle school as the top achiever in his prefecture.

The future looked bright for Hirashi, as his grades were sufficient for him to enroll in some of the top high schools in Japan. However, as Hiroya, who is 4 years older than Hirashi, is also attending his final year of university at this time, Hirashi’s parents are unable to provide the finances for him to attend a high school out of the prefecture unless Hiroya drops out. Unwilling to be content with a third-rate high school in his local prefecture, but even more unwilling to see his brother be harmed by his wants, Hirashi decided to attend high school in Academy City.

Although Hirashi’s decision to enroll in Academy City was mainly due to financial concerns, a considerable part of it was also due to Hirashi’s fascination with Academy City, a city which was said to possess technology that is decades ahead of the rest of the world. Academy City spoke to Hirashi’s curiosity and love for mathematics, and with his reputation as the top academic achiever in the prefecture, Hirashi soon found himself walking in the streets of Academy City. Despite his academic prowess, due to the stigma attached to being from a rural prefecture, Hirashi was placed in A Certain High School. Hirashi was equally annoyed and relieved by this decision; annoyed because of the missed opportunity to enroll in the top institutions in Academy City, but also relieved since Hirashi was secretly worried that the rich kids from the posher schools would look down on him.

Academy City lived up to its name of being the most scientifically advanced city in the world, and Hirashi took to the sudden influx of new data presented to him like a fish to water. In his free time, Hirashi began to search for unique and strange happenings in Academy City, firmly believing in the power of logical reasoning backed by sufficient raw-data.

Kinetic Flux: Being one of the many versions of telekinesis, Hirashi was initially excited by the various possibilities and the potential which this power brings. This excitement was quickly crushed as Hirashi discovered his inability to generate any decent amount of force. Even though the help of Academy City’s Power Curriculum Program, Hirashi’s greatest display of might consisted of lifting his school bag half a meter off the ground. However, refusing to be defeated by the lottery of fate, Hirashi began taking alternate approaches to his power and started to favour training focused on accuracy and efficiency over strength. Given Hirashi’s natural knack for mathematics and his unwillingness to give up, his efforts soon began to bear fruit.

Hirashi’s peak output is 27 newtons, which he can sustain for 1/8th of a second. This is the equivalent to the force needed to accelerate a 0.1kg projectile from rest to roughly 120 km/h under perfect conditions. This delivers 55.5 joules of energy, enough to boil 0.18 milliliters of water from room temperature. Hirashi’s average output is 10 newtons, which he can sustain for a maximum of 2 seconds, this can produce 2000 joules of energy, enough to boil 6.38 milliliters of water from room temperature. Hirashi’s effective range is 50 meters, in which he has near-perfect control of his powers, with a 0.01 degree of inaccuracy. Hirashi’s maximum output as well as his accuracy deteriorates as the distance increases past 50 meters at 2 percent per meter, with the edge of his maximum range at 100 meters.

Kinetic Flux's low output is compensated by above-average accuracy and flexibility. Hirashi is able to not only target entire objects, but also a part of an object by defining its shape, mass, and relative motion to Hirashi. These calculations are ususally quick and simple for Hirashi, but they increase in difficulty, and thus time needed, with increasing mass, velocity and area. After these three attributes of an object are defined, Hirashi is able to apply physical force in multiple directions in the defined space, the usages include acceleration, tension, torque, or shearing. The more detailed the definitions, the more refined control Hirashi has over the defined space.

Hirashi’s Kinetic Flux requires him to have a constant line of sight with both the projectile and the target. Every second spent using his powers at average output requires him to rest for 5 seconds afterwards in order to avoid excessive strain on Hirashi, whilst at maximum output, every second spent requires a 40 second rest. Hirashi is able to manipulate 2 to 3 objects simultaneously, but the total output remains at 27 newtons.  Hirashi is unable to manipulate other objects whilst applying his "customised" forces in a defined space.

Hirashi has taken a liking to carrying 1 inch nails with the heads filed off, which he can fire by applying a constant force on the nail as it is in motion, causing it to accelerate. Additionally, due to his familiarity with the nails, he is able to call a pre-defined space and apply it to the nails with minimal effort as it passes through it, thus he is also able to apply torque on the nail, stabilising its flight and increasing its accuracy. With his average output, Hirashi is theoretically able to accelerate the projectile to 200 meters per second, or 720 kilometers per hour. However, due to projectile exiting his effective range at 50 meters, his actual top speed is 50 meters per second, or 180 kilometers per hour. Alternatively, Hirashi is able to “pulse” his maximum output of 27 newton for ⅛ second at five second intervals. However, this is very inaccurate due to the absence of angular momentum which is usually obtained from the torque, and extremely tiring. Additionally, Hirashi is also unable to perform any other tasks, such as running or controlling another object, whilst using his powers in this fashion due to the high level of concentration needed to apply his peak power on such a small projectile.


The “Nail Gun”
To overcome his weak raw output, Hirashi carries 1 inch nails with filed off heads to serve as low-mass projectiles to launch at potential threats.

Due to Hirashi’s love for collecting data, he is able to quickly recognise most registered esper powers, as well as recall basic counter-measures to these powers. This also applies to common firearms found in Academy City, although Hirashi is completely inexperienced with the handling of firearms, he is able to recognise their make and basic specifications relatively quickly.

Hirashi is proficient at using technology to aid him in his endeavours. Hirashi can also code rudimentary programs, but lacks the ability to break into any decent security system.

Good Actor
Hirashi is able to hide his true emotions extremely well. This applied in his constantly polite demeanour, as well as his presentation of different personalities to fit into a group of people.

Systematic Liar
Hirashi is able to largely keep track of past lies which he has told, as well as presenting new ones in a convincing and efficient manner.


Happy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J23DZRINih0

Sad : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULH-sivXJZI

Fighting : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIPWAcUQPlI

Thinking : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bzvp5R67zk&t=12s

FACE CLAIM: Itsuki Koizumi from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Hirashi walked briskly down the narrow alley-way as his backpack banged against his back, his path illuminated by the harsh fluorescent lights mounted on the walls above. Academy City had many blind spots, and thanks to an one-inch nail lodged into a camera watching this alley by a certain someone, it now had one more.

The strange happenings of Academy City are getting more numerous as they are getting more bizarre as of late: Unexplained power cuts, increasingly frequent “accidents” involving spectacular property damage, and reports of gunfire from alleys not so much unlike the one Hirashi was walking down right now. It appeared that something big was going down; bigger than the level-upper, bigger than anything which he has experienced before.

And Hirashi intended to get to the bottom of it.

According to the data which Hirashi had gathered thus far, there are no predictable patterns in the reports of gunfire, besides the fact there has been more cases of it occurring at night. However, the so-called “accidents”, which gave Academy City’s firemen a run for their money in the past few weeks, were all research facilities or factories related somewhat to genetics. Furthermore, Hirashi discovered the power cuts would always occur near these facilities, and also at roughly the same time of their destruction. Hence Hirashi deduced that these incidents are intentional acts of sabotage carried out by an esper, with a high chance of the esper possessing an affinity with current electricity.

Hirashi’s scouting earlier in the week determined that this alley opened up into an one-way street overlooking the river, where a bridge spanned across it, connecting the shores with cement, tar, and steel trusses. The few remaining institutions in this district are all in this area, and thanks to the river, the area was relatively flat save for the one-way street at this alley’s opening, which was slightly more elevated and offered a great view of the surroundings. Hirashi crouched down before the end of the alley, opened his backpack as he drew one of his nails, intending to take out the light illuminating it before taking up his position for the night. However, before he could do so, a voice boomed from behind Hirashi.

“Hey, what are you doing here?!”

It was a female voice, young, but definitely adult. Hirashi grimaced internally, it was most likely a random Anti Skill patrol sweeping for students violating the curfew, namely himself. Hirashi had hoped that he would not encounter one, but the probability was high enough that Hirashi was prepared. Hirashi flinched in feigned surprise and turned to face his questioner, while discreetly sliping a clipboard out of his backpack with his telekinesis and catching it with his hands. As expected, the sight of a tired looking woman in her late twenties dressed in Anti Skill uniform greeted his eyes. Hirashi widened his eyes and smiled sweetly at the officer.

“Good afternoon Anti Skill san, I am just doing my homework for my art class. I am drawing this bridge right here,” Hirashi said in a higher-than-usual voice as he pointed towards the river, “Want to see?” Hirashi offered enthusiastically while handing the clipboard with a pencil sketch of the bridge, which Hrashi had copied from a photograph earlier today, to the officer.

“It is past curfew, you ought to be back at your dormitory.” The Anti Skill woman recited the line with a familiarity which could only come from hundreds of repetitions as her gaze jumped between the clipboard and Hirashi.

“Oh, is it so late already?” Hirashi gasped in make-believe surprise as he bought his watch up to his face, “Oh gosh I did not even notice. I am sorry, I got so caught up in this I completely lost track of time!” An embarrassed smile, a bow, and another smile, but with a hint of distress this time, “I am so terribly sorry.”

The Anti Skill officer, who usually had to deal with delinquents and drunks, was a bit taken back by this display of civility and innocence. This was not some rebellious teenager, or some violent criminal, but rather just a student who was too absorbed in his work. She relaxed as she handed the clipboard back to the boy in front of her, “Alright, I’ll let you off this time, but do keep an eye on the curfew next time okay? Not all patrols around here are as lenient as me.”

“Thank you so much Anti Skill nee-san!” Hirashi’s face lit up as he bowed again, “I promise this will not happen again!”

The officer smiled, this boy reminded her of herself when she was back in high school, “Better hurry along now. I’d imagine your dorm master would also like a few words when you get back, here.” The Anti Skill woman scribbled a few words on her notepad, signed it, and tore it out before giving the piece of paper to Hirashi. “This should keep you out of trouble this time, but do set an alarm on your phone or something in the future.”

Hirashi gingerly took the note, beamed one last smile at the Anti Skill woman before jogging past her. Now with his back to the officer, Hirashi’s previously sweet and slightly air-headed expression turned into one of frustration. Hirashi had done all the preparation he could, but there was nothing that he could have done to prevent the patrol from showing up tonight. In other words, tonight’s failure was out of his control. Knowing that made Hirashi feel a little better, he sighed.

The mysteries of Academy City would have to wait until another time.

Last edited by Saito Hirashi on Tue Oct 30, 2018 6:00 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Addressed issues with the character's height. A new ability name and additional details have been added)
Saito Hirashi
Saito Hirashi
Level 2 Kinetic Flux

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[Esper] Saito Hirashi Empty Re: [Esper] Saito Hirashi

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Oct 29, 2018 10:06 am

Welcome to your first step into the world of madness. I see you’re ready to dive into it head on~!

I. The Basics – Time to fix the statistics

For the simple stuff there isn’t much to pick on, except for two issues.  

The first being nothing actually involved with the profile itself, but still necessary to point out: Your avatar leaves the boundaries of the maximum sizes defined by us. Please fix that.

The second aspect, however, relates to his physical size of 180cm, which is far above the average for average Japanese males. Either reduce it to about 170cm or below, or point out that he is exceptionally tall (if you want to go down that road).

II. The History – Full Circle

You describe him as someone who stood at the academic top of his prefecture in terms of the sciences and yet he ended up in A Certain Highschool, which is not really among the best or even average schools Academy City has to offer. You could potentially mix that fact into the history as well, given the irony behind it all, or fix your eyes on a more prestigious school suiting his intellect. Your choice.

III. The Ability – Asking doesn’t hurt

There’s actually nothing wrong with the ability itself. I’m enjoying it even! I just think it could be given some more flavour by providing it with a better name than simply “Telekinesis”. Usually abilities to tend to have more quirky names instead of the simple barebones. Especially given his specialisation there could be more, wouldn’t you agree?

Furthermore – and that’s the actual point I wanted to make here – I’d like you to answer me some questions: Is it possible for him to use his ability on any object within his range? Can he turn any item in his surrounding into a projectile? Can he fire more than one projectile at the same time? The responses to these would be rather helpful.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Saito Hirashi Empty Re: [Esper] Saito Hirashi

Post  Saito Hirashi Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:29 pm

Thank you for the speedy response!

Regarding the issue with the school choice, it is partially due to the fact that I do not know any other high schools for boys, and it is also partially because most of the characters I saw here are enrolled in A Certain High School. I am worried as this is my first time doing role playing of this nature, I would struggle to insert my character into events, I thought it might be easier for me if my character was to go to school in an environment where other characters are interacting all the time.

As for Hirashi's power, he needs to first define the approximate location and shape the target object. So it works best on large and light objects, which are easy to define and requires low effort to move. His nails are an odd case however, being dense and light, it should take around a second for Hirashi to define. However because of Hirashi's familiarity with their weight and shape, this allows him to acquire them much faster.
It is possible for Hirashi to use any object in his range as a projectile, but due to his weak output, his choices are usually limited.
Hirashi is able to use his power on any object in his surrounding. A 27 newton force on, let's say, someone running at him, will not be too effective in keeping the assailant back, but with some outside help, this can theoretically add up.
Hirashi is able to influence multiple objects, but the speed and the accuracy of each individual projectile suffers as a result. The total output remains the same.

I will find another picture and adjust the height and weight later today.

Thanks again!
Saito Hirashi
Saito Hirashi
Level 2 Kinetic Flux

Posts : 94
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[Esper] Saito Hirashi Empty Re: [Esper] Saito Hirashi

Post  Saito Hirashi Mon Oct 29, 2018 4:57 pm

Hiya! I have made some changes to the character. A new ability name and a little more details regarding it have been added. I have also tacked on an explanation of Hirashi's enrollment at A Certain High School in his history.
Saito Hirashi
Saito Hirashi
Level 2 Kinetic Flux

Posts : 94
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[Esper] Saito Hirashi Empty Re: [Esper] Saito Hirashi

Post  Mugino Shizuri Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:39 pm

That was one quick and easy evaluation period. As I already told you through the chatbox: I do greatly enjoy your character and am rather content with having had such a nice specimen to evaluate. Rounded characters sure are the best.

[Esper] Saito Hirashi Axdlrt6p

[Level 2 Kinetic Flux]

Also, don't worry about a thread to kick things off with Wink
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

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[Esper] Saito Hirashi Empty Re: [Esper] Saito Hirashi

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