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[SS] Curfew Carnival

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Re: [SS] Curfew Carnival

Post  Aoki Aiko on Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:42 pm

Aiko followed Natsumi in the direction of the enemy and Kisaragi. Luckily she had moved to follow Natsumi's lead, otherwise there would have been a good chance that the sudden rain of nails might have hit her. Just because she wasn't hit however, didn't stop her from being surprised when the handful of nails suddenly changed directions mid air and went flying out randomly colliding with things. Based on the randomness of that attack however it was likely that the enemy didn't know exactly where they were. Following the hail of nails was a second attack, this time in the form of a small package. Natsumi quickly took cover behind one of the vehicles and Aiko not knowing what could be in the package quickly followed suit. However since Aiko was further away from the vehicle than Natsumi, she didn't quite make it in time before a huge flash lit up the inside of the bubble.

Upon being exposed to the flash Aiko, now crouched behind the vehicle next to Natsumi, covered her eyes with her arms as she waited for her vision to return. Aiko was used to bright flashes, she'd exposed herself to quite a number of them getting the hang of her abilities, so it would only be a few moments till her vision returned. In the meantime, Aiko focused entirely on tracking the movements of everyone within her bubble. Things had gotten a bit chaotic so it would be good to get a better grasp on the situation. The vaguely human shaped object that was Kisaragi in Aiko's perception moved closer the other object that Aiko had assumed was the perpetrator of the previous attack. Right as it looked like she was in the position to strike however, she instead seemed to tackle them, knocking them both to the ground. Aiko didn't even have a moment to consider why she had done this as immediately she felt something moving extremely fast pass through her field followed by the sound of it slicing through the roof of a car. Another projectile entered her field, then the sound of one of the support pillars exploding.

It happened so fast that it wasn't until the third projectile that Aiko was able to pull her thoughts back from a panic and ascertain where the attacks were coming from.      

"Where are Kisaragi and the enemy now? And is there any out of place machinery in the area?"

"Kisaragi and the enemy are by that pillar!" Aiko exclaimed, gesturing with her arm in the direction of the support pillar that had just taking the impact of one of the high speed projectiles. "I don't feel anything out of place from the machines inside my range, but those attacks aren't from the enemy the Kisaragi engaged. They're coming from outside the field! From that direction!"

Aiko moved her outstretched arm to point in a direction angled somewhat away from the direction she had been pointing. Aiko opened her eyes, blinking them a few times to get rid of the last of the effect of the flash. Starring out into the darkness however she couldn't see anyone. There were too many shadows and not enough light to see the source of the projectiles.

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Re: [SS] Curfew Carnival

Post  Kamijou Touko on Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:47 pm

Professional or not. Anyone could tell that the situation had grown far out of her control. She had taken down the first enemy with expected ease only to be greeted by something far more troublesome: Projectiles travelling through the air at speeds easily surpassing most military issue sniper rifles all the while carrying a destructive force exceeding anti-tank weaponry. Any hit could be lethal at this point. Having been able to escape the first one and even surviving up until now was nothing short of a miracle.

How would things continue from here on out, though?

«But I have a way to cut off the beam person’s pursuit if we can get out of this corridor.»

It took her a moment to remember the fact that she was currently pressing her fallen prey to the ground. Hadn’t his words perfectly hit the mark likely wouldn’t have paid him any more heed than he would cause her danger. With this, however, she immediately felt grateful for not having finished the deal right away.

«Show me what you got. Run on my signal.»

Skipping all of those unnecessary formalities average girl Kisaragi Anko would immediately jump to the most important part, spitting the command that was her reply with little to no compassion.

To follow up on her word immediately after she would await the next two shots, both coming in perfectly timed 2.5 second intervals, one aimed slightly above their current position, the other going right for where the other two had been.

Something was off.

How could the enemy track them? For herself and that boy it made sense that they may have used their sight, Aoki and Hujisaka on the other hand were concealed behind the effects of that electron sphere. Had they estimated their approximate position based on the size of the dome? No, with how dim the lights were inside the facility and zero knowledge of the ability’s actual workings such a feat would be nearly impossible. So, what had it been?

«They're coming from outside the field! From that direction!»

A shot followed shortly immediately after, slicing through the cover only to barely pass by that lucky baggy sleeves girl’s face.

Lucky? Had all of them really been lucky in the first place?

«Those shots aren’t fired with the intention to kill! That bastard is toying with us!!»

Sharing her thoughts loudly with everyone present, she gave the signal all the while inviting another shot to be fired. This one only missing her by a hair’s breadth. There was no accuracy. No sign indicating that any of these shots had been fired with a perfect aim. If at all, it seemed as though all of them had been triggered in response to something. Something that was surely attracting each and any of them. But what was it? What was the true nature of this unknown attacker? The answer was as straight forward as the existence of three constants.

The time intervals. The timing. The point of origin.
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Re: [SS] Curfew Carnival

Post  Damion Koyoko on Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:39 am

«Show me what you got. Run on my signal.»

Hirashi wouldn't hesitate to focus his telepathy on the thermite he had placed on the roof supports earlier, in case things had gone gone awry. Unfortunately, even for a genius such as himself, he underestimated the people before him. It was quite irritating how much planning this all took, only for him to actually skip Plan A, B all the way down the Z since everything's been screwed beyond repair.

He didn't know who these people were, or what would happen to him if he somehow survived with the older girl and her party. But the current situation was involving certain death already, and with no clear plan of escape, he had no choice, but to temporary rely on the mercy of his enemy.

«Alright. Give me, a moment..»

Hirashi would find the lighters tied to the thermite, and wouldn't hesitate to depress the triggers on them systematically from the far end of the building to them. That way it gave them more time to run and avoid taking any unnecessary damage. There was not enough to collapse the entire roof, but the internal wiring, lights, security and parts of the ceiling will surely break off.

But upon finally lighting all the charges, with a few seconds before they actually start doing damage, the older woman began to yell to anyone and everyone who wasn't deaf.

«Those shots aren’t fired with the intention to kill! That bastard is toying with us!!»

Hirashi was perplexed to say the least, but there was no time to ask to ponder on what's happening. The thermite charges finally went off, as loud sizzling and cracking noises resounded from the roof. The lights would flicker, and even pop in some cases, as the room became darker, and parts of the ceiling would collapse with a loud clanging noise on top of impounded cars and concrete, revealing a vibrant red and orange flames bursting from the upper ceiling.

Hirashi didn't hesitate to start running once Anko jumped out of position, seemingly confident that the projectiles being fired off would not hit her.

«They are missing on purpose? Why would they deliberately miss? I'm not sure if it's because they are sadistic, toying with their prey or there's a reason they aren't outright killing them? This has gotten far more interesting than I predicted..and everything's changed so fast.»

Hirashi was already attempting to make sense of it all, as he ran down toward the nearest exit path among the chaos. He didn't do anything crazy such as to try to escape from these strange girls, as Anko was right behind him, ready to snap his neck most likely. He felt helpless knowing that he had no real strategy to get away, having no confident way of knowing what their respective esper powers are.
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Re: [SS] Curfew Carnival

Post  Adachi Tetsuya on Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:30 pm

As soon as they'd gotten out of the area and he didn't see anyone coming after them, Tetsuya had allowed himself to slow a bit. Maybe he'd been a bit paranoid, and Touko really wasn't faking her confusion. Still, he kept a fairly brisk pace on the way to the mall.
Tetsuya wasn't that easily convinced, and the only way to guarantee the two weren't going to be attacked - either by some gang this Touko was working with, or by any Midgets in the area who might be intent on keeping her inside that car trunk for longer - was to get to a place where there would be other witnesses.

Mandara Mall. Exactly the sort of place that you would expect to see in District 6, and especially the sort of place you'd expect to be tucked away in District 6 close to its border with the less-desirable real estate of District 19. Most of Academy City tended to follow the same stark, austere form of architecture: plain white buildings, places with lots of glass, and windmills.
There were exceptions, like the School Garden modeled after a European-style town, but even there the forms were rather traditional. Not that Tetsuya had ever been in there, or even been close. Either way, this place was totally different from all that.

Mandara Mall turned Academy City's architecture upside down, sideways, and backwards in the same way that a person might feel while going on this district's famous rollercoasters. Even traveling through it was like a carnival ride, which was probably a reason for its popularity. The sprawling complex offered new entertainment at every turn.

The boy who looked like a delinquent shoved his hands into his pockets, walking inside the strangely-shaped sliding doors. He'd spent a share of his time at the arcade in this place, and some of its other shops as well. It was the closest mall.

Once the pair had entered and Touko spoke up, he paused and turned back to her.

"The way I see it, we got three things we want from here." He counted off on his fingers. "One, we want to know what's going on out there after you got stuck in that trunk last night. Two, you're probably kinda hungry and I said I'd get you something to eat. Three, new clothes. There's a fairly normal store for that where you can change out of your school stuff."

He nodded, crossing his arms. "Don't care what order we do 'em in, so take your pick. Whichever one it is, I'll show you the way. This place ain't easy to get around in your first time. And don't get too distracted, I guess."

At the very least, they'd definitely be traveling at a slower pace than the past few minutes. The complicated nature of this place made that a necessity.
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Re: [SS] Curfew Carnival

Post  Kamijou Touko on Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:16 pm

Something was off.

Kisaragi Anko and Hirashi Saito were the first two to notice. As they made their way to the proposed escape route something was found at the very centre of the exit. A sphere of metal, hardly larger than a plate and equally flat. To anyone with at least some imagination it would have been clear that the item before them was a device of some sort, placed there with a certain intention. Two others of the same kind were placed close-by. In fact, those devices had been spread all over the facility, always right where the escape routes had been.

Mines. Their position and shape would immediately allow for that deduction, even from someone who had been hardly skilled. Aoki would notice with her ability that some sort of wiring had been installed and linked with a sort of sensor and semi-complicated mini-computer. Their exact means of function were entirely unknown, however. There was no information to grasp. No indicators nothing. A black box, the most dangerous of all threats.

And yet that wasn’t even the end.

The thermite had been triggered, causing a rain of fire, damage to the structure and a sense of chaos. But it wouldn’t end there. In tandem with its activation heavy tremors would come to shake the fortified building that was Academy City’s central impound. Something was exploding everywhere. It hadn’t been the thermite. No, someone had placed bombs all across the ceiling and pillars, picking perfectly sensitive positions to deal maximum harm to the building’s structure itself, slowly but certainly ruining all effort that had gone into the structural engineering.

Yes, the building was actively collapsing with debris raining down randomly. All exits had been blocked by mines of unknown purpose. Someone was still sniping with extremely dangerous high-speed projectiles.

Alone none of these conditions would have been efficient. Together, however, they formed a true death trap.

Their last hope had gone up in flames. No, it had been turned against them mercilessly.

Clothes, food, information. That had been the order chosen by Kamijou Touko, blindly chasing her own desires over anything else. Now dressed, in simple white hoodie boasting a white pinkish rabbit and Hawaii style beach shorts (the cheapest items found in the special offers section, scoring less than 1000 yen together), she was mowing down on the second set of tasteless burgers and fries she had ordered from the tackiest of all fast food ventures in the entire food court while sitting next to Adachi. There was no longer any sign of any etiquette you’d usually expect from a refined lady, had everything been overturned by the growling hunger’s despair. She had to dig down, eat, eat, eat, fill her tummy and somehow drown in her very own guilt while she was at it.

«I’ll pay back everything! I swear! I swear!»

Words she had been repeating for the seventh or eight time since their arrival.

However, the location they sat in was no ordinary foot court, had it been part of Madara Mall. There was a twist and truly specific design to it. Yet, neither was it a pirate ship theme nor one associated with dungeons and dragons. No, the core idea of this place and its surroundings was inspired by the very country of entertainment, the US, and its holy shrine, the typical American living room. As such the customers were seated on couches equipped with all kinds of massage and comfort instruments while having a height automatic height-adjusting coffee table in front of them. Beyond those tables sat TVs, designed to look like the old classics from the 90s and early 2000s, yet equipped with HD screens and smart set-ups. On their standard setting they were presenting only a single channel, however, if one paid additional money the users were granted to ability to choose between 9999 different channels from all over the world. Still, diligent student Kamijou Touko wasn’t intent on wasting even a single unnecessary dime, forcing them to wait for the actual news program to come up.

Fortunately, after a wait of about ten minutes that time was finally coming.

Apparently last night’s incident had been troublesome and recent enough to make it to the very opening section of the news, yet not important enough to warrant a truly lengthy program.

«Last night an ambulance was attacked when returning to Mizushima University Hospital. The investigations revealed that the attackers had placed a military prototype airbag in a sewer hole, using it to knock the ambulance over as it passed above it. The driver was hospitalised as a result. No other victims have been reported. Anti-Skill has confirmed that the group behind the attack are the so called ‹MissFits›, an uprising street gang that has been linked to numerous other incidents that have occurred over recent weeks. As of right now there is no further information available to the public. However, investigations with the objective of bringing this crisis to an end are still ongoing. If you should have any leads helpful for the investigation, please contact Anti-Skill immediately.»

It had been a standard report, accompanied by only a select series of images. The core focus of those had of course been the ambulance in its poor state, as well as the site of the incident. Or at least it should have been.

«That isn’t the place.»

They had been there less than an hour ago. She had been right there last night. That is why she could tell: the place they were showing on the broadcast – no matter how authentic it looked – hadn’t been the one. It had been somewhere entirely else. Somewhere absolutely different from the actual site.

Something was off.
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Re: [SS] Curfew Carnival

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